Separation Anxiety

It's a never ending dilemma. It's an everyday struggle.

Everyday when Y sees me changing into work clothes, she would always say: "Wag na alis Mommy" or "Sama si Yukie?" or "Wag na office si Mommy". Sometimes she would cling onto me and cry like there's no tomorrow and I have to calm her down. I've already talked to her many times that mommy needs to go to work but she doesn't seem want to accept that fact. Bribing doesn't even work (yeah, yeah... I had to do what I had to do).

Sometimes if she wakes up later than usual, I can leave the house without the drama. Or when she's clinging on to me and wouldn't want to let go, I go to the office later. Hay...

All the crying and drama is heart wrenching! Hay...

I wish I can quit work but that plan has to take a backseat for two to three months.

Any tips, mommies?


  1. TheKikayMom.blogspot.comJanuary 25, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    I would suggest saying "see you later, baby!" rather than goodbye. Maybe it's just a small change but it's a positive spin of separation. It reminds your kid that you will be back later. That works for me and my boy :) HTH

  2. I feel for you sis and I can relate with your situation. Same drama happens to me and my twins every morning. Kaya ayoko sila nagigising pag paalis na ako kasi parang ayaw ko na umalis once I see them crying and screaming for Mommy :(

  3. applesanddumplingsJanuary 25, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    Hay same with you! :( It breaks my heart.

  4. applesanddumplingsJanuary 25, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    I always say "see you later!" pero it's not effective :(

  5. Luckily, hindi ko pa naman uli ito naexperience sa son ko. Nakatulong na un yaya nya is super love at close sila. Saka I always told him we need to go to work so we can buy all he needs including his milk. Baligtad naman tayo, we shouldn't leave him while he is still sleeping kasi the moment he woke up without seeing me he will cry talaga. Sa hapon naman he's looking forward sa paguwi namin. Alam nya agad tunog ng car ng daddy nya and ayun masiglang masigla na naman sya. hehe... I know in time Y will understand.:)

  6. Really that's heartbreaking and the drama is also exhausting. I think patience lang to explain to her that you need to work and saying that you will be back will help to build her trust. I think you need to keep her busy when you start changing clothes and load her with lots of hugs and kisses.

  7. Hay sana nga in time. She understands naman... I think. Pero the minute I say mommy has to go to the office, mega cry nanaman kami. Kaya it's really making me think to quit my job. Baka may psychological effect pag laki nila. Hay.. Thank you Momaye!

  8. Thank you Ning for the advice. :)