Our Weekend On Instagram

I love how your Instagram photos can be saved and uploaded right away to Flickr!

And since I haven't uploaded photos from my camera to Flickr yet, I'm using the ones from Instagram muna!

Here's a snippet!

R usually is the first one to wake up in the morning. So that means I have to wake up na din. We usually play in bed muna so I can lie down pa hehe! We go out of the room when he gets bored na.
Then Y wakes up later. Here she is with her bagong gising look. And watching Hi5 videos early in the morning.
Then I cooked breakfast to surprise the BOS. Tamad din kasi ako magluto sa morning.
Then went to the pedia in the afternoon to have R's cough checked. Poor boy!
OOTD: Baby Gap Top, F&X Leggings, Little Red Shoes Denim Sandals

Went to a Korean grocery before going home!

My college barkada G, and one of Y's ninang was here in Manila from Bedrock hihi for a weekend so we met up for lunch together with two other college barkada, S and D.
Y and I were wearing the same color!
OOTD: Top and Skirt from Peppermint, Saltwater Sandals
We had lunch at Sariwon Bulgogi! Loved the food! We used the BOS's GCs hehe!
Then had coffee and cake at The Cake Club. Thank you G for the treat! :) Iba talaga pag donya! Hihi joke lang!
Pretty Y.
After The Cake Club, we went our separate ways. We bumped into Mommy Fleur and her family! We took Y to Active Fun. Left her there with the yaya for an hour. Shopped a little at the Mothercare Sale then went back to fetch Y and had a little snack at Krispy Kreme before heading home!
It was a great weekend! Hope you had a great one!

Now, I'm ready to face another busy week ahead! Happy Monday!


  1. Had fun seeing you guys!!! :-) Sa susunod ule!! Thank you for the sariwon gcs hahaha :))

  2. Had fun seeing you guys!!! :)) Thank you for the sariwon GCs!! :)