Happy 2nd Birthday to A&D! And Y's Sick :(

Yes it's my blog's 2nd birthday! While I have some giveaways planned and scheduled, I can't get to them yet as my dear daughter Y is currently sick.

We went to the ER twice yesterday because of high fever. Her temp is at the 39 to 40 range which is really scary especially for us because she has a history of febrile seizure. We can't keep her temp down even with the paracetamol and the constant wiping down with cold water. Hay... hirap talaga when kids get sick!
Our trusty thermometer and Vapor Soove
She bounced back last night then the fever came back when it was time for bed time. Gone this morning, sky high again this lunch and now she's ok nanaman and playing. I hope her temp will normalize na. I think I lost weight from carrying her for most of the time, mababali na ata balakang ko!
Playing doctor with Mickey Mouse
She also has cough and colds. Hay. Virus now are days are something else noh? #lechengvirus Ang titindi! Hitting one kid at a time. Hope your kids are all healthy and fine.

Hoping to get rest tonight, if the fever doesn't come back, that is. And hoping to blog again tomorrow!

Hope Y gets well soon and happy birthday again to my blog!


  1. sorry to hear that your daughter is sick. my youngest Amaya is well from 2 days of being sick. I also hate when either of my 3 daughters are sick. I really hate that feeling. Hope that Y will be better soon and congratulations on your blog anniversary

  2. I just brought my daughter to the ER yesterday. Viral disease lang din. True, ibang level na ang mga virus ngayon :( Hope your Y will be well soon and happy birthday to your blog.

    PS Hope to meet you in person on the 10th :)

  3. Get well soon, Y! And happy anniversary to A&D :)

  4. Thanks Cris! Y is ok now :)

  5. Hope to meet you too! :) Hope your daughter's ok na din!

  6. Thanks Grechie for always supporting my little blog :)