Holiday Activity: Decorating Gingerbread Men

Auntie Jenny of COANM sent Y and R a Gingerbread Man Decorating Kit (Thank you Jenny!) and last Friday, we (well, mostly me) decorated the gingerbread men. But first, picture taking muna!
Y was so excited! I told her we're going to decorate a gingerbread man. She knows what a gingerbread man is because of this IPhone app that we play and there's a song which she memorized herself so we were singing that while decorating. 

The kit includes 2 cookies, 3 packs of frostings (white, green, red), sprinkles, candies and a frosting bag (is that what you call it?) which we didn't use because the instruction didn't mention using it other than that the instructions were easy to follow!

This is the first time we're doing an activity like this. Y took it seriously at first, I put the frosting while she's the one who put the candies on the gingerbread man.
O diba? Ang serious!
Sabay tawa ulit! Hehe!
And half way into decorating, she started eating the candies! Haha! So I was the one who finished decorating.
Our finished product! Tadaaahhhh!
Our half eaten gingerbread man hehe.. mukha silang kawawa.

Thank you again Auntie Jenny! Y and I had fun doing this! :) 

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