Green Sproutlets Sale!

Not done with your Christmas shopping yet? Haven't bought a gift for your nephew, niece, inaanaks, baby brother or sister yet? You're in luck because Green Sproutlets is on SALE! Sale + Christmas shopping is the best combo!
Green Sproutlets is eco-friendly, using certified bamboo, organic cotton, and other sustainable fabrics such as soy or hemp. They use water-based ink for our printing and low impact dyes. It is certified lead-free, pesticide-free. Making them safer for the children and the environment. They're the softest! You can be sure that your baby will be very comfortable in these!
Y wanted to wear the shirt right away the moment we opened the gift from Auntie Michelle! I can't wait for R to wear the onesie so he and achi Y can me matchy-matchy! We love the beanie and blanket! It's super duper soft talaga!
Can't wait for R to wear this!
Ccccheckkk Green Sproutlets at Mothering Earthlings!


  1. Glad Y likes the shirt! Can't wait to see them wearing matching GS! ;)

  2. Thank you again Michelle! :)