Weekend, Baby!

Weekends are always precious for me. It's my only time to spend with the family, see my friends, my parents, my nephew and niece.

Saturday morning play time with Y. I'm so glad I bought these play food from IKEA during my recent trip! I think I enjoy them more than Y! :)

I gave R a bath. And I remembered I haven't taken R's monthly photo, hence this very baduy photo. I always wanted to have a photo of  R wrapped in a towel only. Nagmamadali kasi, kaya ayan! Not so nice. Bawi tayo next month!
There are days or time in a day that R cries straight for 3 minutes. Not the irritating kind of cry but because he wants to be carried. I always tell the BOS to wear him na lang, ayaw niya. Last Saturday, he tried it. Ayun natuwa. R was so cute!

Later that afternoon, I went out with the kids to see my HS barkada. My friends since elementary! We traveled to Pasig.. traveled talaga kasi it's so far away from us, buti na lang there's no traffic! We just hanged out at their new place. I played with my inaanak which is just a month older than R.

Y enjoyed the big space. I brought her toys with us so she won't get bored. R was super behaved as usual. He just slept in the high chair/napper/rocker. We chatted over Happy Lemon and Tostitos and had dinner later that night and went home at 10PM. :)

Where Y played. Katakot fez ni yaya
Goddaughter, C!
Cutie pie Y!
My well-behaved boy
Sunday, we had lunch at Buffet 101. No photos. Hay.. Y was so difficult. I had to write a separate post on that. She won't eat or just sit down. She'll cry and she wants to be carried ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I can't eat properly. My body and arms are aching from all the carrying.

After lunch, we went to the Mobler sale and bought Y an easel. A super belated birthday gift. I want to buy it when I was in Hong Kong, buti na lang hinde. My mom would have killed me haha!

I wanted also wanted to buy a chair and table but found it a bit expensive na, it was not on sale. I'll save muna then go back for those or ask a friend in SG to buy it for me!

How about you? How's your weekend?

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