My Maternity Photos - The Stork Studio

I'm sharing you today my maternity photos. Yez. But I'm still going to hide my fez or side view lang Hehe... Too shy. I'll just show you my belly and Y.

During the first time I had my maternity shoot, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't even prepare for it. Meaning no make-up, no hair fixing, BARE in short. I just went to the studio with my sister. I looked boring. Haha! BUT I'm happy I did it. 

I had no monthly photos of my belly, I hate having my picture taken, these were the only ones I have. 
When I got pregnant the second time, I told the BOS if I should have another maternity shoot. He said it would be unfair naman to R if I had photos when I was pregnant with Y and not with R. So I booked another session with Sofia :) This time the photos were so much better! I came prepared with outfits and photo ideas hihi! And this we also had a family photo!
I got my prints just last week. Can't wait to put them in picture frames and hang it in our room!

Check their FB Page and website for their rates, packages, and their portfolio!


  1. Thank you Ava!

  2. I did not know na shy ka pala to show your face!
    the pics are beautiful.
    cai, i have always been wondering what is the image in your blog profile picture?

  3. HIhi thanks!
    Those are my legs hehe! Cross-legged.

  4. You're too pretty to be shy! :P

  5. Teehee., Thanks! :)