How Our Great Weekend Went

Our schedule last weekend was full. I was sort of dreading Saturday because of the doctor's appointment and the x-ray for Y. But nonetheless, it was a great weekend!
H&M top, SM pants
Saturday was our scheduled appointment with our pedia-cardiologist. I was really expecting the worst even if I have read so many website that says heart murmurs are common with infants.
Our pedia-cardiologist is Dr. Edison Ty. He was referred to us by our pedia. He also has a clinic in Manila Doctor's Hospital, MWF. We went to his CGH clinic which is located at the new Medical Arts Building. Good thing there was no line so after filling up our information sheet we were ushered na inside his clinic.
He thoroughly checked everything with R. I was nervous all the time he was checking R. After he finished checking, he sat down and explained to us what a murmur is. He said that children with a heart disease, 90% of them have murmur while children with a heart murmur doesn't always mean they have a heart disease but it is of an innocent murmur. It's very normal and we don't have to do anything special or treatment. It will eventually go away, we just don't know when. And with that, I heaved a very very big SIGH! A sigh of RELIEF! We're going back after 6 weeks again for another check-up! Yay! :) This made me super happy!
Saw this on our way out!
Next agenda was to have Y's x-ray. We had a failed attempt last week so we're doing it again. We went to National Children's Hospital because I read and saw that they have a nice x-ray room for kids with Barney painted on the wall but sadly we can't have our x-ray there unless the request came from them. So we have to go to a laboratory talaga to have her x-ray.

But first, we had lunch first. We met up with my sisters in QC to have lunch! I was excited to see Y's cousin G!
Cute nila diba?
We had lunch at Kao Chi in Retiro. We had a great lunch! They were running around the restaurant and screaming! Fun! I wanted to spend more time with them but we need to have Y's x-ray pa and have to go home right after.
We went to Hi-Precision in Del Monte Ave. since we were already in the area. I like that the place is big and nice. Not like the laboratory we went to last week which was dark and creepy plus the technician was masungit! The technicians at Hi-Precision were nice. Y's x-ray was SUCCESSFUL! Wuhoooo! Though she cried and cried during and after, nakuhaan naman and that's the most important thing and it was covered by my company's HMO!

The BOS and I rewarded ourselves with milk teas from MoonLeaf! Hehe.. It was good.
Baby A's Christening! Up and about early. My sister told me to go early to the church because I had to take their photos because they didn't hire one. I'm starting to liking dressing up R. Most of his clothes are hand-me-downs, some are gifts from my friends, I only bought the basic ones. So today was an opportunity to dress him up!
Gingersnaps shirt and H&M pants
Gingersnaps Tee, SM Tutu, Florsheim Shoes
Christening was at Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills. Here's the prettiest baby there is!
I was suppose to be the official photographer then Y won't let me go. Hay... takot sa madaming tao at lalake kasi ang anak ko. So no choice but my dad has to take over taking photos. It was a short ceremony only. Then we all had lunch at Lugang!

I just really had to commend Lugang for being a very kid-friendly resto! Our server gave Y her own set of plates!
Everything IKEA hehe
I said I would take photos of our food so I can blog about it, I took 2 photos then LUMAMON na ako and forgot hahaha!
Still the best xiao long bao in Manila for me!
Tapioca Milk Tea!
Then while eating, my BIL pointed out that Anne Curtis was also there in the same resto. We were on the 2nd floor and her table was right below us so we took pictures of her hehe.. paparazzi lang ang pegaloo! She's so pretty and sexy!
We went home after lunch! Who wouldn't love to have afternoons when your kids are like this?
Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. cute ni Y! achi na ang drama! :) o dba? she loves R na! :) nasanay narin! :)

  2. weather weather yan eh kaya kelangan laging may picture pag ganyan sila hahahaha!