Y's Pre-Birthday Getaway: Taal Vista Hotel Part 1

For our weekend getaway, we chose to stay at Taal Vista Hotel. Last week, the BOS and I were discussing what to do on Y's birthday but we didn't agree on anything until the BOS told me to book a room in Tagaytay. A very spontaneous decision! The BOS was checking their website for available promos at biglang nagyaya for Y's birthday. We availed one of their promos (forgot what is was) and booked us a Deluxe Room with king-sized bed.

The lobby
Usual check-in time is 2PM but we were running late because we stopped by Nuvali pa. I called them up and informed them that we will arrive around 3:30PM, they didn't mind naman. Check-in was a breeze. My only complain was our room is so faarrrrrr... we were given a room at their new wing and we had to walk so far.

This is our room!
King Size Bed
Day Bed where yaya slept
There's the TV, mini ref, thermos, complimentary coffee, tea,water... and me! Hi!
The bathroom has no door. Shower and toilet are separated with frosted doors each for privacy. :)
Since we brought R with us, I requested for a baby cot, which they gladly provided us without charge. But the thing is, it didn't come with a baby mattress, so we had to improvise! We put our extra pillows so R will be comfortable.
Achi Y invaded the cot!
By the time we were settled in our room and ready to go out for Y's horseback activity, it drizzled! So we opted to stay in instead and check out the hotel amenities.
The first thing we checked out was the Kid's Corner. After all, this trip is for Y's birthday so it should be all about her. :) We asked the hotel staff where and how to get there. And as it turns out, mahabang lakaran din! But since we have nowhere else to go, we spent our afternoon at the play area.
We had the place to ourselves. Y enjoyed the slide so much. She got to ride the horse, car and seesaw as many times as she wanted. We just watched her play.
There's also a gym and a game room.
After doing the Kid's corner, it was still too early for dinner. It wasn't raining anymore so I thought maybe we can already do horseback riding already. When we got the car, it rained again right just when we left Taal Vista! I said let's just go check out Robinson's, and when we got there, no parking spaces available! So we just turned around and went back to the hotel!

I'm splitting this post into two parts! Wait for Part 2! It's all about food! OK?


  1. Tamang tama I'm looking for a place to stay in in Tagaytay and SM Advantage is offering a discounted price for Taal Vista. Parang sa Kid's cornder lang kami maglalagi with my toddler hahaha.

  2. Yes may discounted price and SM advantage. It's actually cheaper than the one we availed. Sayang nga kasi I also have SM advantage. The Kid's corner is small lang. But for sure your toddler will enjoy! :)