Y's Pre-Birthday Getaway: Fish Feeding at Nuvali

One of the activities I had planned for Y was fish feeding at Nuvali. We went there after our lunch at Kanin Club (read about it here).

We didn't get to roam around because of the bipolar weather. When we arrived, it was a bit gloomy already so we went straight to the fish pond. I was able to take a few photos. 

Y was so ecstatic when she saw the fishes, which she calls "sish". The BOS bought a bag of fish food which costs Php15.
The BOS taught Y how to throw the fish food. Ang bilis naubos! Y didn't want to leave haha! So I asked the BOS to buy another bag. Php30 worth of happiness for the toddler!

Her first bag of feeds

Her second bag of feeds
Here's the booth where you buy the fish food and tickets to the boat ride and bike rental. If the weather wasn't so bad, we might have taken the boat ride plus we had a baby, I'm not sure if they allowed babies on the boat.
We took a few family pictures then we left. It rained by the time we left!
I want to come back to try the boat, the bike, the outlet stores and also try out some restaurants there! Maybe a family trip with my sisters and their families?!


  1. my family loves going to Nuvli/Solenad, there are a lot of "outlet"stores already. Restaurants and all. This is one place where at least for a moment kids will forget about arcade. hehehe! glad to know that you and your kid enjoyed... :) hoping one day I will see you there... :))

  2. You live near there? We had fun. Sana lang hindi umulan non.. hope to see you there too!

  3. my family is from Lipa and since it the nearest to us and mas nakakamura sa toll, Nuvali/Solenad is the place for us. hehehe! :))