Lesson Learned on Hiring Yayas and the Importance of Medical Exam

Eto nanaman ako with my yaya woes.

I think I'm very trusting when it comes to yayas and helpers. Lesson learned! Hay nako..

I'm really blaming myself for what we're going through right now.

My last yaya left us about a week ago. She was with us for about 3 months. We got her June 7, 4 days before I gave birth. My mom kept telling me to have her checked and go thru a medical exam (chest x-ray, Hep A and Hep B tests) but it never happened because we got her ng biglaan, and I gave birth earlier than scheduled and we all became busy that I've forgotten it.

Weeks after that, the BOS heard her coughing. I heard it too. I asked her about it but she said it was an allergy LANG. So I didn't mind it. Trusting nga. Kainis.

Fast forward two weeks ago, Y had colds, then it developed into cough then fever. Hay I don't really like kids getting sick, then there's the medicine pa which is so hard to give them. Gera-levels. A week after that, yaya became sick naman. I asked about her cough again, she insisted it's just cough pa din. OK, hindi na ako naniniwala. Then she had fever, so I said I'll take you to the doctor and have you checked na din, x-ray and all.

On the way to the clinic, she kept on asking me saan kami pupunta, ano gagawin sa kanya. Hmm.. I felt she was uncomfortable. After having her checked, the next day, she asked if she can go home and recuperate. I said yes, siyempre ayokong mahawa si Y and R. A few days later, she was texting me that she's still sick, if we want we can hire a new yaya. Kung ano pang mga chenes when obviously she doesn't want to come back. This time I was really pissed na.

Then I got her results. BAM! Her chest x-ray BAD. Hep B Test BAD. Yes, pwede mo akong iumpog sa pader for not having her checked the very first day we got her. When we went back to Y's pedia for a follow-up check up, Y's lungs were clear, cough gone, sick free. Then we told her about our yaya and her condition. We had to have Y get a PPD Test (Tuberculin Skin Test) and chest x-ray. HASSLE! Positive or negative, we have to treat her for TB. LECHENG YAYA. Bad Employer -> ME :( I even texted the yaya if she doesn't really have TB, sabi niya wala, nagpacheck-up daw siya last year. Why would she tell the truth diba? Hay...

Yesterday, we went to get the PPD test and x-ray. A big big SIGH! If you think giving medicine is hard, what I went through yesterday was harder! It's not easy to hold down a very strong toddler while I was on the verge of crying too because ako ang naaawa but I had to be strong for her. In the end, we had the PPD test. The x-ray was a failed attempt. Any laboratory or hospital that has kid-friendly x-ray department?

Lesson learned the hard way. So moms, please learn from my mistake. Have your helpers, yayas checked before hiring them. It really makes a big difference and will make your life easier!

And one more thing I've learned from all the yayas I got, pag bad trip ka na sa kanya, yun tipong makita mo lang mukha niya sira na araw mo, wag mo ng patagalin, paalisin mo na agad!


  1. Hey, don't forget to ask for their NBI clearance and Police Report too. You never know. :)

  2. Ay oo! True! Thanks for adding that.

  3. My brother also learned this the hard way. His two kids had to be treated for 6 months because of an infected yaya. Sigh.

  4. Sigh talaga. Y tested positive too so treatment for 6-9 months kami. If only I could curse that yaya!