Y is Potty Trained! Yay!

When I started my maternity leave, one of my goals was to potty train Y. My shobe gave Y a potty as an early birthday gift I tried training her when she was 11 months old but I think it's way to early. She wasn't ready, I wasn't ready.
Y at 10 or 11 months I think
We started with Y just wearing panties during the day. I told her yaya to be patient with wiping the wee wee on the floor. After 2 weeks, nada! She'll say wee wee after she had peed already, she won't sit on her potty, so we went back to diapers.

The other day, she was crying and saying wee wee. We asked if there's yayay (boo boo) when she pees, she said yes. We thought it's UTI (we're still having it checked). I think pinipigilan niya her pee because after she peed (on me before taking a bath), she was okay and back to herself already.

The other day, my first day back at work, I called home to check on Y and R. The BOS said Y pooped in the toilet and is peeing in her potty. I said "as in biglaan?" He said yes! My gulay! I've been training her for 2 months and she decided to pee/poop on her own the day I went back to work.

Oh goodbye diapers! This will be a big savings for us!

Can't wait to see her do it while I'm at home! I have to take a picture!


  1. Yey! Halos sabay tayo, sis! :)
    The only difference is, my little girl pees standing up. Hay..

  2. Another milestone for your girl! We had almost the same experience. I tried to potty trained my son when he was 14 months but refused to sit on his potty and so that became my frustration since then. I put back the potty on its carton and hide it. I never want to see that potty chair ever. Hehe. A new yaya came in and so the potty chair. She asked me if she can let my son use that. He was 22 months and I couldn't believe that after just two weeks, completely potty trained na sya. He is 26 months now and sa gabi na lang nakadiaper, cloth diaper pa din gamit namin.

  3. She'll eventually learn how to sit. :) Patience ang kelangan natin mommy.

  4. Yay! :) I haven't tried using cloth diapers at night. Natatakot ako. But hopefully soon I'll be able to fully cloth diaper him even when going out.

  5. Ganyan din ako dati but one day I found courage to cloth diaper my son
    24/7. Ayun doable naman pala. 2 inserts stuff mo, better if you have bamboo or hemp insert. Microfiber insert sa ibabaw then sa ilalim bamboo or hemp.

  6. Woohoo!!! Congratulations Y! Tipid na tayo sa diapers!!!

  7. Yes!!! Malaking tipid ito muther!

  8. I've been trying to potty train my daughter kaso hindi siya marunong magsabi eh. She's 1 year & 3 months- I'm hoping to train her na para less gastos sa diapers.