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Last Saturday, I was invited to very a lovely and intimate lunch at Aria Cucina Italiana for mommy bloggers by Amanda Griffin Jacob. When I got the invite thru email, I literally blinked twice to see what I was actually seeing. Hehe! Of course I confirmed agad and told hubby about it. :p

I think first time I saw her was at the airport. She was still a VJ for Channel V back then. She's actually one of my favorite VJs and model! So imagine my excitement talaga when I got the invite!
When I arrived, Fleur was already there and of course Amanda. Who would have thought I'd be sitting in front of a super model in this lifetime?! OA ba? Haha! We got to chat a little bit about her pregnancy and her son Kieran and me telling her about my kids. She's so nice, pretty (inside and out), real and she's always smiling.
From sitting down, you wouldn't thought she's pregnant! She's 7.5 months along.

She has a new show (and producing it herself too) on Lifestyle Network (which I wish our cable provider has already!), Amanda Loving Life.
Producing Amanda Loving Life gives the viewers a peek of how Amanda comes in full circle balancing the different aspects of her life in style and ease. Her useful tips on young motherhood, and keeping sane in this busy cycle of family and work is an eyeopener for many who wish to see great alternatives from the norm.

Her new show is unlike any other mommy-oriented shows. It's different, upbeat and refreshing!
Her show is the very first of it's kind on Philippine television. A high-end locally produced lifestyle show purely dedicated to today's young urban mother. In this generation of accomplishment and instant gratification, the hyphenate is no longer the exception but the norm.

Most women wear multiple hats aside from their most important one (motherhood). This show speaks to the growing need for today's mother to be informed and aware that she can DO it all and HAVE it all too.

Right, mommies?!

Amanda took on a self-imposed sabbatical from the spotlight to focus on her most important and accomplished work to date: family. In the last few years she has been based in Hong Kong with her husband David Jacob and her beautiful 2-year old son, Kieran.
Not one to rest on her laurels, Amanda fully immersed herself in her new role of motherhood, where has thrived and grown. The epitome of a hands-on mother, who many turn to for mothering advice, the entrepreneur-at-heart turn her knowledge and resources into a website that would benefit other young moms like her. Glam-O-Mamas is an online resource guide for young, newbie mothers. The website is growing leaps and bounds and is firmly established as one of the country's leading websites for the Filipino mother. The last few years have seen Amanda through a transformation from nomadic celebutante to a young holistic mother who embraces a more natural lifestyle for herself and her family.
This makes her the perfect person to share her own journey as well as her personal views in developing a more balanced life as a busy mother, a career woman, and a modern urban dweller.

Nowadays, both motherhood and womanhood are equally fulltime jobs. Given today's fast-paced lifestyle, everybody needs positivity. The show is all about finding one's purpose and simple joys as it will touch also on various interesting topics of wellness and health, motherhood, fashion, lifestyle, and anything & everything that makes life more joyous, substantial and fulfilling.

From Press Kit

For an ordinary person like me, I don't get to talk to celebrities/models everyday and here I was last Saturday sitting in front of Amanda chatting about motherhood, potty training, and terrible twos. She's just like any other mom who faces normal mommy woes. Moms can really relate to each other! And in between chats with her and other mommy bloggers, we were served a very yummy lunch!
Our lunch menu!
Here's Jackie and Martine choosing their pasta
Mommies chatting
Rotolino Marchigiano
Penne Carbonara (which I had wrapped but forgot to took home!)
Parma Ham and Vegetarian Pizza
Aria Tris di Dolci: Crema Catalana, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu
More chikahan
Here's Martine talking about home schooling
Amanda and Rowena chatting
It really was a lovely lunch with fellow mommy bloggers. I finally met Ceemee, Belle, and Rowena. I actually learned a lot that lunch. Rowena shared her weight loss story where she lost almost 30lbs in total. I want to lose that much weight din! Hehe! Thank you Martine and Amanda for inviting us to this lunch!
With Amanda and fellow mommy bloggers (I had to push pin myself. LOL)
And with that, let's join Amanda as she embarks on a journey into the simple pleasures of life and... the joys of motherhood.
After all, life is beautiful and we should all be Loving Life.

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