Enjoying My Babies!

I know I haven't been updating my blog. Too lazy! And I'm enjoying my time with the babies! R will turn 1 month next week! He's a milk monster, I tell ya. He's getting bigger and heavier by the week.

Y is still adjusting. Though at times she would ask to carry or hug and kiss her shoti, sometimes she would say "ayaw shoti" when I nurse him or give my attention to R first. She would ask nurse too but when I offer her to nurse, ayaw naman niya.

We are all adjusting. Adjusting well. Sleep is a luxury right now. I try to nap when the baby sleeps but I also want to catch up on tv shows I've missed so I end up not napping and then I sleep deprived! LOL

The yaya I hired is here for a month now. So far so good! We still need some adjustments too but she's a good yaya. She and Y are getting along well. But I still need another one. Hay.. It never ends!

Sorry for the lack of updates, hope I can get back to blogging soon! :)

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