I Will Miss You, Rain!

Yes, Rain the Korean singer/actor!

The BOS introduced me to Rain when we got together. While I was pregnant with Y, he wanted me to listen to Rain's CD, paglihi-an ko daw! We were even set on naming our unborn child (if it's a boy) after Rain's character in one of his movies! Haha! Die-hard fan lang ang peg! I'm a fan din naman! I like his music and I have yet to finish watching his latest series.

Last year, Rain came here and had a concert in MOA Concert Grounds. I remembered because it was a week after I gave birth. The BOS went to watch! Fan nga kasi. I bought him mosh pit tickets! I told him to take gazillion of pictures and videos so I can see and watch! And our LX3 didn't disappoint on the quality of pictures! I was expecting grainy pictures haha!

I'm sharing you some of the concert photos. Ang gwapo niya! And he dances so well!
Rain has officially started his 2-year military service yesterday. :( I will miss you, Rain! I shall see you in two years!

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