Biting Spree II

Y's teething yet again. But this time, yaya is not the victim. ME.

One of the things to expect when breastfeeding a 13-month old who's also teething, is biting after nursing! And it hurts. Hurts more than the first two weeks of breastfeeding! :(

Y bit me a few days before I left for Hong Kong but that didn't hurt. It bled but I was ok the day after. A week ago, she bit me again. This time, she bit it hard, it really hurt, and it left a wound. It hurts when I pump or feed her, I endured the pain. I didn't have my Medela Lanolin, I gave it to my sister, so I used Indigo Baby's Jar of Hope instead and it saved me!

Y's still tries to bite me every now and then, I gently say NO to her. And don't let her feed anymore. Once I tried letting her feed again, she just tried to bite me again. Sometimes she listens to me, sometimes she just gave me her evil laugh, smirk, or smile. Then I forget the pain of her bite.

More on teething here.

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