Y's Birthday Series: Mann Hann, Little Baguio

I started planning Y's party around April, I had a few venues in mind but it's either far, rent is expensive, or the place just doesn't feel right. You can read about one of the venues we went to see here.

When I was finally settled with the venue I wanted, it was booked on the date we wanted! Oh fudge. I kind of panicked because I had to look for another one! And then I stumbled upon Lucky Janie's blog post on her son's birthday party, I showed it to the BOS and we went to check it out the next weekend we were free.
We loved the place! High ceiling, spacious, white chairs, big long tables, big windows, nice and clean! We talked to their manager, Cherrie Tan, she was very nice and accommodating. She showed us a private room on the second floor, it was a bit small, it can fit about forty to fifty people. It was a good thing that it was being set-up for a party so it gave us an idea how it would look like, but I said it was small, and we were expecting around seventy to eighty guests. So we opted to reserve the main dining hall, the thing is, it is only available from 3 to 6PM (their off-peak hours).
2nd Floor Function/Party Room
For the food, they have menu packages that you can choose from. There's Php400, Php500, and Php600, and you can mix and match from the list of menu that they will give to you. Food selection depends on your package.
We got the Php400/pax which includes:
-Yang Chow Fried Rice
-Birthday Noodles
-Lechon Macau
-Fish with Broccoli
-Salt & Pepper Squid
-one glass of Lemon Tea

A day before the event, they re-confirmed our menu and the total headcount (this time I talked to Bernie, another manager, he's also nice!) I asked them to make for 70pax, we had lots of leftovers pa. On the day of the event, Cherrie asked us to give her a signal as to when to start cooking the food, so it won't be cold when the guests starts eating. Cherrie also updates our host so he can continue to entertain our guests while food is not yet ready. Food was good! I personally love the Lechon Macau and the Fish! :) There were lots of servers, they were nice so I had no problems with that. Service was also good. We had a little bit of miscommunication with the decorator and them but other than that, our experience with Mann Hann was great!

A really BIG thumbs up for Mann Hann Little Baguio and to Miss Cherrie and Sir Bernie! Notes:
- There's no rental fee for the place.
- They have corkage fee of Php500/outlet for any food cart/photo booth, sound system that would have to use their electricity.
- They didn't charge corkage for my chocolate fountain station, face painting station, and the desserts I brought in.
- They can provide tables and table cloths for your gift/dessert tables.
- They really have a high ceiling so your decorator needs a scaffolding if you want your decors up high like we had.
- They allow the decors to be set-up as early as 7AM on the day of your event. Please coordinate with your decorator/party planner and Mann Hann. (This was where we went palpak)
All in all I was happy with Mann Hann's service! They really did a great job!

Mann Hann (Main Branch)
233 J. Abad Santos St.
Brgy. Little Baguio
San Juan City
Tel Nos. 723-2917; 723-2918


  1. i saw this place when i took out some food. it is really nice and if i did the birthday party scene, i would definitely choose this as a venue too. :) how was the parking?

  2. Parking was ample naman. I had 60 guests and they didn't complain about the parking naman :)

  3. hello ma'am great post! may i know who was your supplier for the balloons in the venue? did they also set up the whole place? thank you id appreciate your help. best of luck to you and your blog

    1. Hi! I think it was Hi5 Parties. But they have changed their name since. The name escapes my mind now. But you can check my other post on this birthday series for the name of the supplier :)