Am I Ready Yet?

It's officially September!
Three days to go before Y's birthday and baptismal party and five days before Y's officially turns 1!

Am I ready yet for Sunday?
Here's what I've done so far:
I've finish doing the party giveaways and game prizes. All I need are boxes so I can pack everything in.
The BOS is also done making the cupcake toppers.
I've paid our party planner for the decors and Les Sucreries for the cake.
I re-confirmed our booking with the face painter and with My Chocolate Heaven.
I sent out last minute invitations.

Things I still need to do:
I have to pick up the desserts for Sunday on Saturday morning.
Buy a scooper.
I have to call the restaurant to confirm the head count.
I have to make sure my orders of Y's outfit will arrive on Friday!
I have to beautify myself hahahaha!
Ready payments for balances!

There's few things I want: I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday, for things to go smoothly on Saturday. My OCness is starting to kick in.. haha!

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