A Great Weekend It Was!

We were all looking forward for last weekend because Shobe and little G were sleeping over at my parent's house. I'm so glad we moved back here (we live in the same village).

It was a slow Saturday. We were just waiting for them to arrive. BOS didn't go to work because there was something going on in our house. Putting of something. I asked him to stay home because I can't watch the men working and having quality time with Y at the same time.
Playing in her room on her play matWith the men working in our house and a construction work in front of our house, Y can't get a decent nap! Ayayay... when she woke from her nap. I asked yaya to give her afternoon bath so they can go to my parent's house and wait there.
At around 4PM, they finally arrived! My little nephew's so big! He's three months old but heavier than Y! Haha.. Can't compare because he's formula fed. But OMG, he's the cutest! Doesn't look Chinese at all! Si Y, unang tingin pa lang super Chinese na!
At around 6PM, we had to go home because Y's sleepy na. We didn't sleep over because there's no more room! And besides, Y won't sleep for sure. Masyadong chismosa and curious si Y! We just went back there the following morning!

Supladang bata c Y! She won't make pansin her cousin. She won't even look. She doesn't care that I was carrying G! Haha.. It's funny and cute! We took turns carrying G. My yaya was also excited to carry G that she was the one who fed him. Shobe has no yaya. Sadly, they had to go early. They have to go back to the province.
When they left, we also went home because it was Y's meal time na. After her meal, we went down again because we're having lunch naman at Amma's house (yes, we all live in one village).
Y also ate pa! Rice rolls and banana. My achi was playing with her, and squeezing her. Cute.
While having lunch, I said I want to take Y out but I don't know where. I suggested Greenbelt 5! So after Y's afternoon nap and bath, we went out!
While my mom and sister were shopping. Me, BOS and I went shopping on our own. We went to Toys R Us and bought Y a toy! :) The only toys I bought her were her toy keys and Mr. Sun. But since she's in the hitting/slapping phase, I want to buy her something that she can hit on and make a sound! We bought her a xylophone!

After shopping, we had early dinner at Toast Box! I had Nasi Goreng and Horlicks while BOS had their Laksa and Milk Tea. Sorry no pictures because I was also feeding Y that time. While I was eating, Y was getting bored na and I was running out of "toys" for her to play, so I gave her the cucumber on my plate (see picture above). I know food are not toys... sorry.

After Toast Box and a few more store stops, we went home.

It was a great weekend. Hope we get to see the little man more often but he's in the province. :( Maybe we can pay them a visit on one of the coming long weekends!


  1. Thanks! :) I like their Nasi Goreng and Hainanese Chicken with the noodles. Their Laksa is ok. :) Their Kaya Toast is yummy! Love their Iced Milk Tea :)

  2. cutest babies ever, i love his ramones shirt! ive only tried the kaya toast in toast box, is their food okay? :)