Dressing Y Up!

It was a long weekend last weekend. Enjoyed it with my family staying home, enjoying the cool and rainy weather!

I was checking Y's clothes stash, ones that were gifted and haven't used yet. I put them on different zip locks arranged by their sizes (9 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months, and so on). I check them once a month to take out clothes that can fit Y already. At the same time I also check clothes that don't fit her anymore so I can keep them and make space for her drawer.

I took out some dresses and I found the Cotton On Ballerina dress/costume which was given to Y by one of my college barkada, Auntie S and Uncle F. I think it fits her already so we (yaya and me) on her, plus the Baby Gap shoesies that the BOS bought during Christmas! Her yaya said to put a headband.

So here she is... my life-sized doll! LOL!
Then the other day, we visited her Amma and some relatives who's here on a vacation. We dressed her up too! It's the first time she wore leggings. So cute! Bought them on sale in Gingersnaps!

So cute! I had fun dressing her up but she was getting irritated by the end. LOL! But nonetheless, I love the perks of having a baby girl! Magastos nga lang when she learns to love clothes, shoes, and shopping! Her face lights up when I open my closet, and mind you, I have a small closet and my clothes are normal. Haha! Matagal pa naman yun. For the mean time, I'll enjoy dressing you up!

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