What Have You Heard Lately?

Y is going thru growth spurt right now. Adding to that, Y is also teething. And once again, my milk supply can't keep up with Y's demand and again I'm a milking machine. I took the afternoon off from work last Friday so I can come home early, a sort-of nursing vacation. I was also pumping in between feedings, my nipples are starting to sore. I'm not complaining.

Every time I'm having a low milk supply dilemma, my mom would bug me into buying a can of formula milk or supplement with water. She would tell me to check what's the best formula in the market and buy it. Mommy, breast is best! I've gone through this about three times since I started working. And those three times don't you think I was tempted to buy a can of formula milk? I get stressed thinking if Y has enough milk until I get home. But every time I talk to my husband (He is a breastfed baby), he would say no and would just tell me to boost my milk supply, eat malunggay, order more Mommy Treats, or just take a day off and stay at home with Y. So yay for the BOS! :)
The other day, I took my Amma to get her flu vaccine. While waiting for the doctor, she asked me how long do I plan to breastfeed Y. I said as long as I have milk, I will continue to breastfeed. She told me (in Chinese): "Breastfeed her until she one and a half years old. That should be enough." Hmm... I just kept quiet because I don't want to go on discussing/arguing about breastfeeding with her. She might/won't understand my reasons. She didn't breastfeed my dad and his siblings. I might get nosebleed explaining breastfeeding to her LOL. Kidding aside, basta it's hard to explain it to her. But I wanted to tell her: "Amma, breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years and beyond!"
How do I deal with these? I know it's my mom and amma. But I have to brush them off and I hope they understand my stand on breastfeeding.


  1. Thanks! )Aww sayang.. you can always try breastfeeding again on your next baby :)

  2. I only did breastfeeding for like 2 weeks with my son. It wasn't enough for him. :( We're opposites though hehe I only wanted to breastfeed until he was one, but sadly, hinid umabot :( But I admire you for breastfeeding for as long as you can!;)