Eating My Words...

Am I finally going to eat my words? I've said and mentioned so many times in this blog that as much as possible I don't want to mix feed Y. (The BOS and) I want her to be strictly and exclusively breastfed. But I'm tempted to buy a can of formula (again!). My yaya called me this afternoon at around 5PM telling me that Y has no milk na. Need to go back to my previous routine and can't leave the house earlier than I did today!
These past few days:
- I'm having my period (Sorry, TMI!)
- Y's milk intake increased but I'm having milk supply problems once again and Y's feedings has been erratic because of her teething.
- I've been pumping every two hours in the office. But my supply still won't improve.
- I'm taking malunggay supplements and drinking fresh malunggay tea. Still no effect.
I already bought a box of Mother's Milk Tea. I'm planning to take Calcium/Magnesium supplement and fenugreek capsules. I hope my milk supply will increase once my period is finished.
Hay.. I can't afford to take another leave. I don't want my boss to think I'm slacking. I can't always just take a leave when Y has no enough expressed milk or else my leaves will be used up.
Am I finally going to eat my words?

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