Out of Sync

Today is not a great day.

I was totally out of sync this morning. I don't know why. I got my car bumped hard by a pedicab. It was sort of my fault. As I've mentioned, I was out of sync. I guess I steered to early o what, I don't know. There's a big dent and a hole at the back fender. Yikes! I've yet to tell my parents. I didn't bother to go down the car because I was in a small street with tambays, and I don't want to be mulled by usiseros, so I just left, sort-of hit and run. I didn't see the damage until I got to the office. Ughhh...

During my morning pumping session, I noticed I forgot to bring an extra via cup in my pumping bag. Out of sync! Kainez. I have to ask BOS to come all the way here in the office just to bring me that extra via cup.

I thought maybe because I didn't get my morning (decaf) coffee fix. I want to avoid drinking caffeine. But sometimes I have to, or not I won't be able to work properly. But it's still not it. Maybe it's because of the new yaya. I have to blog about that.

And then this afternoon, I called home to check on Y. Our helper told me that there's only 2oz of my milk left. And that was around 4PM! I won't be home until 7:30PM! Waahhh... I don't have a back-up formula at home! She's eating twice a day now. She was eating when I called. I was going to buy a small can of formula this afternoon but BOS won't let me. He told me to take a leave tomorrow instead. Let's see.. maybe I need to add one more pumping session at home because currently I don't. I nurse Y directly when I get home. Need to take malunggay capsules again! I got lazy taking the capsules.. I think it's time to order another 2-week supply of Mommy Treats!

One good thing: Y's done with her Heraclene!

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