Y's First Birthday Party

Y attended her first birthday party yesterday! Not her birthday ha. This is actually a first for us also, the family. It's the first time that we three (BOS, Me, and Y) went out together as a family (hindi counted ang visit to the pedia! LOL). And we went out without a yaya!
Still at home..
On the way, Y kept looking outside the car
On with the story..

What: GCU's First Birthday
Where: New World Makati Hotel
When: March 20, 2011 @ 11:30PM
Theme: Aviator/Airplane

We arrived around 12PM. I nursed her in the car brfore going to the party, she actually fell asleep. But when we went down of the car, nagising. We sort of have a mishap with the stroller when we got to GB3. My sister kept on calling because she wanted to see Y na (Sorry, first time eh) and because she has another party to go to. We parked at GB3 so we can just walk and cross to New World. Well, not stroller-friendly I tell yah! We used the ramp so that we don't have to carry the stroller down the stairs (four steps lang naman), but the end of the ramp is not the pedestrian crossing, mga 2 meters away pa. With the cars passing by, I kind of freaked! I should have carried her na lang. When we crossed, ganun din.

When we got to the party, the program already started. Our table is at the back near the doors which was fine. So we can put Y in the stroller too without blocking people. And... Quicker access to the buffet table hahaha! Y was quiet at first, she was sleepy kasi. She kept on looking at the balloons and the decorations and the people who are at our table which are mostly my sister's friends. She was well-behaved and just wanted to carried when she's bored. Since she's still a baby, she can't enjoy the magic show or the games yet, so we just took her to two of the booths. 3D Photo and the Photo Balloon.
Are you enjoying the party, Y? :)

Cute! Kaso tabingi mukha ni Y.
This is from the photo balloon
We stayed until the acrobatic show, didn't finish the whole program because Y is sleepy, she has to nap. After saying goodbye to our friend, got the giveaway, we left. When we got home, Y slept, while I fixed my stuff and look what's inside the mini suitcase! Excited ang mommy!
The giveaway! Soyal! It's the same size as a lunch box.
There was also food inside but I took it out already.
I love the giveaways! It's so sosyal! Not your ordinary loot bags!
Here's Y, inspecting the food from the loot bag. Approve ba sayo, Y? Hehe
"Mommy, can I eat this na?"
Y, I know you won't remember this. So I created this entry so you can have a look next time ;) I can't wait for your own birthday! It won't be as bongga as this, but Mommy and Papa will make sure it's a birthday to remember!

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