Y's Another First!

This happened yesterday, and this one is for the books! I have to blog about it so I'll be able to tell Y when she's bigger.

Yesterday we went out. We didn't go to a mall. We went to visit my sister who just gave birth. She specifically requested for me to bring Y along so she can meet her cousin G officially. They will go home to the province that afternoon. I was so excited kasi yun na yung pinaka-malayong mararating ni Y. We haven't taken her out to any malls, hanggang sa pedia lang.

When we got to my BIL and sister's house, Y is still okay. She's observing and looking around. We saw G for a quick second then the mom, dad, SIL and BIL all came at once to the living room. Y is still quiet but not smiling, not her usual mood. Then the MIL came to me and wanted to carry Y so I let her. Y's face started to change, humihikbi na. So cute! Then she let the SIL carry Y, yun na! Y cried! As in! She became all red and cried so loud na hindi na siya tumigil. Nangilala! Everyone was laughing kasi ang cute cute nya kahit umiiyak. I just take her downstairs to calm her down. But every time she sees the MIL, she'll start to cry. Hay Y! You're growing up na! We need to take you out more!

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