Yaya Woes (Sort-Of) and Mommy Duties

This is supposed to be posted in Friday (2/18/2011):

My new yaya (1 month) is going home to the province tonight because her son is sick. Ito na nga ang sinasabi ko. She got her salary in advance and I told her not to spend it all while she's in the province baka wala na siyang pamasahe pabalik! She is coming back on Sunday. Well, I hope she does! Crossed fingers!!! She's good with Y. She more matiyaga feeding Y during the day, she plays with her, she reads to her. My only fear is that Y will get attached to her yaya than me.
Since the yaya is going to the province tonight, I came to work early so I can leave early so she can leave early also. I'm on "full" mommy duties tomorrow until Sunday! More bonding time for me and Y. Yay! It's been a while since I took "full" mommy duties with Y, with the moving, work, and whatnots. I was hands on with Y on her first two months, then I wento back to work. Mommy needs to work. "Full" meaning super hands on with Y. I'm excited!

Update: So far so good! :) I wish I can spend time with her like this everyday! She's still napping. Get to sneak a post!

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