This week has been a busy week at work, busiest and most productive I think from the one year two months that I've been working there. It was tiring. I'm not complaining because it is exactly what I've been waiting for. And I'm learning. I think that's the most important. Next week will also be busy!

At home, I've got more responsibility now. I woke up early today to go to palengke. I don't do this before while I was living with my parents. I go to the grocery to buy my meats and vegetables while we were still living in a condo near a mall, before we move to the place where we are currently staying. Everything is at my expense. And it was hard for me to budget because we moved thrice in a year span! The expenses were different. I hope by next month or two. I'll be able to do our budget at home.

There's still a lot of things we need to buy for the house. Small things for the kitchen, like containers for the utensils, organizing racks for the drawers. Need to go to SM soon! I have to call Sharp's service center to have our TV wall mounted. Our phone line is pending approval. And it will take a week before installation.

My helper will go on a day off later tonight and will be back on Monday. That means I have to cook tonight's dinner and tomorrow's food. I'm not ready with recipes. Yeah I'm like that. I need to follow a recipe.

My younger sister is due to give birth anytime soon. We're all very excited! Y's going to have a cousin, I'm going to be an aunt, and it's a boy! So we get to have a girl and boy! I hope Y and G will be close when they grow up.

Y's sleeping pattern has changed. She now wakes up at around five to five thirty in the morning! She has become my alarm clock! I usually wake up past six o'clock. Five is too early! Oh well. No worries I like waking up beside her, and smiles when she sees me.

That's all for now. Y will wake up soon from her nap!

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