Having a Look Around..

Since I wasn't able to look around Forever21 when I was at Megamall two weeks ago, I just went to their website and have a look around! Never hurts to window shop! :)

Fashion resolution: Wear more pants! 
Joining the leopard trend bandwagon!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket! I hope it's available here! 
Since I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy pants yet, and I love harem pants, drawstring harems would be perfect! 
Harems pants again! And I totally love this look! :) Wish I'm that thin though!
Maxi Skirt! I remember I have a Benetton Maxi Skirt which I bought in '98!

Poncho with a hoodie! Perfect to hide my flabs in that loose top.

Maxi Dress. Not for our weather in Manila. 
Pretty lace top! 

This caught my eye! :)
I hope I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and to have a semi-flat tummy again! Libre mangarap! LOL! Oh, and Forever21 is going to open soon in SM Makati. Yay!

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