Back To The Daily Grind!

No, I'm not back to work.

Y started school last week which means I'm back to waking up early. Like 5:45am early! My body is not used to waking up early anymore after a year of being a stay at home mom. Every morning (well, it's only been three days haha!) is a struggle. I wake up, get everything ready for Y (uniform, breakfast, baon) and get her ready! We have about 30-45 minutes to do everything before we leave the house so we can a parking slot near the school! So this is the life of a pre-school momma! I am writing this as I wait for her dismissal. Better be productive right?

So far, we're good in school. Ang hirap lang niya gisingin (nagmana sa tatay!). She didn't cry on her first day. Ako ang umiyak! She is still adjusting to her new environment, classmates and teachers. I stayed outside her classroom during her first 2 days, observing how she is in the classroom. She follows her teachers but I think she gets bored along the way and doesn't listen haha! I guess that's normal?
Plastic cover assignment!
I am looking forward to this new journey of ours. Sabi ko nga sa isang co-parent, we're also going back to school! Shucks. We're all anxiously looking forward (or scared?) when it's time for us to teach and tutor them Chinese subjects. We're also making a conscious effort to teach the kids how to speak in Fukien. I promise not to be a Tiger mom and apply what I've learned from Coach Pia from all the #BetterMe sessions I've attended. Good luck to us! And please grant me all the patience I need in this journey. 

I am embracing this new adjustment to our lives! In 2 years, it will be R's turn naman. Waahhhhh! Time, please slow down naman! Hingal na hingal na ako kakahabol. Heehee! For now, I'm happy that Y likes school. Sana hindi mawala ang love niya for school.

And on that note, I am officially a pre-school momma!

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