A&D's Plato-platuhan Collection

I don't know where or how my love (or addiction) for plates started. But I know I got it from my mom who likes to buy mugs and sometimes plates (mostly Sanrio characters. Haha!). My younger sister who lives in the province now also shares the same hobby! And she buys her plates mostly from Uniwide. That's our secret store. Now you know! And I will make kwento pa where to buy nice plates other than Uniwide.

First, let's start with Uniwide. Uniwide has the widest selection of affordable plates, bowls, and etc. You can even buy plates by the kilo! I know some of my friends buy their Christmas decors here. Mostly are imported and mostly stuff that didn't pass QA or has a factory defect. When you're lucky, you can buy Crate and Barrel, Martha Stewart items at really low low price. Super duper steal talaga! I even know some shops buy their things here and sell them at their online shops at a higher price. A tea place in Fort also uses Uniwide plates. Heehee! The one I go to is the one in Coastal Road but I want to explore other Uniwides kasi iba iba daw ang laman! Field trip? Maloloka si BOS!
Glass Cream Container where I put milk
Yin Yang bowl - this was super cheap, parang Php29 lang!
Robot Plates as R's giveaway plates for just Php19 each!
All plates are from Uniwide. I think these plates cost Php250 for all, maybe less pa!
Tea Set for Php29 or Php39 lang!
Another store I like to visit and window shop is Gourdo's. You know you're a mom when dinnerware and kitchenware makes you happy. Last Christmas, I was able to buy chic small plates and bowls on sale! I first saw it in one of my friend's IG feed and I knew I had to get it!
There's also green, yellow, aqua blue and brown!
I think it's still available in stores now and you can also buy online!
Japan Home Center and Daiso also have nice plates. Chamba chamba yan. Different branches have different stocks kasi. For Php85 or Php88 only! This was where I bought my very first plates when I was living in a condo pa. Most of my kitchen utensils ata were bought from there!
Oriental Plate from Japan Home
Single serve pot where I used to cook my version of steamed egg!

If your frequent Binondo, most groceries there in the kitchenware section also sells bowls and plates. And this one of the places where I found this plate below.
Php99 for this salad/pasta plate
My current "love" now is blue/white plates. Sometimes green, grey or anything in those shades with an Asian theme/feel. And Kazumi Artisanwares (@kazumi_artisanwares) ignited that addiction! Jean Naval is the woman to blame for my addiction and behind this genius IG shop. Her collection usually comes in 1 set or a few pieces only kaya talagang unahan mag "MINE". And you are a suki of hers, you already know that it's really hard to get the nicest pieces pag hindi ka nakatutok and your internet is not fast. Agree? 
Notice the teme?
I have to say she has the nicest pieces of all the IG shop that sells plates/bowls. She takes the nicest photos too! Price ranges from Php180 and up. Most of my collection is from her. Trusted seller of many, I can assure you of that.

Another IG shop that I've bought from is It's Tea Time Ph (@itsteatime_ph) which is based in Tuguegarao City! Ang layoooo diba? But she has nice items din kasi. She always post at 10pm. One of the plates I bought from her has a chip, I told her about it and she was nice naman to offer a refund on my next purchase.
This is reserved for me!
My cute saucer that has a chip. :(
More and more IG shops are sprouting here and there but I haven't bought fro, any of them pa. Make sure to ask of they're brand new or pre-loved na. Another secret I'll share is, check out Japanese surplus shops near you. Most probably meron yan nice plates, not sure lang if they're new or not. And it is up to you na if you are ok to use pre-loved plates.

@pepperpottscorner - Functional and decorative stoneware, ceramic and more from Japan.
@anygoodstuff Teacups and Beyond
This is a new discovery. If you like anything blue and white, this is the shop to go, @the_crockery_den

With all the plates I've bought, most of them are still in their boxes or are kept in the cabinet. I don't know why but I don't want to use them yet. My next agenda is to find them a home. Malapit ng magalit si BOS. Bili daw ako ng bili heehee! So I am now looking at Pinterest for inspirations. Will post in a separate blog entry!

Do you also have a plato-platuhan collection? Or a tea set collection? Some of the friends I made in IG collects tea sets. Care to share? I wanna see!!!

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