A&D Eats: BOS Experience at Bag O' Shrimps, Tuscany McKinley Hill

BOS and I love seafood, well him more than me. But nothing really beats a good seafood fare! I remember BOS would always order shrimps whenever we go on dates before!   Well, here's one date place I think the BOS would love!

Some of us SoMoms had lunch at Bag O' Shrimps in Tuscany McKinley Hill about two weeks ago.
Bag O’ Shrimps anchored itself in Manila with the passionate steerage of couple-owners, Jandrew & Princess Pastoril. Princess, who had spent time in L.A. could not pass the chance to bring a taste of the West back home. After a ton of tedious research, taste-testing – and a few pounds, the couple opened this “Wharf-in-the-City” seafood-shack’s doors to the local community.
You can check their menu outside.
The place resembles a wharf as I imagined I'm eating by the sea! I love the nautical ambiance.
I love every detail in this resto!
We had our lunch at the mezzanine level. Princess ordered everything for us. She got us the best sellers and must-try's! I think the space is perfect for little get together with friends!
And now for some food porn!
Crab Bomb Stick. Jalapenos and Crabstick dipped in a creamy mayo sauce! A mix of spicy and salty. Yummy!
My brave boy gamely ate the Crab Bomb Stick but found it spicy when he's halfway into it. Haha!
Ayan na!
Fish Fingers which the kids loved!
Para healthy, Sweet Potato Fries!
(Photo from Go Jackie Go!)
Shrimp Popcorn  which Y liked. She said it's like chicken nuggets but orange. Hehe!
They also have asparagus sticks!
Bag O' Momma! Princess ordered two, one mild and the other spicy. I'm not much of a spicy food person so the mild one is perfect for me. Mapapa-kanin ka talaga! Loved the corn, shrimp, sausages, everything!
And the aftermath! Heehee!
Obvious naman sa aftermath that we enjoyed our lunch at Bag O' Shrimps! I'm bringing BOS, MIL and SIL back to this place so they can have a taste and have the BOS experience!
Thank you Princess and Jandrew for having us!

For more information, updates and to check their menu, check out their social media accounts!
Facebook: Bag O' Shrimps
Instagram: @bagoshrimps
Twitter: @bagOshrimps

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