Raizo is Two!

Last week, my little munchkin turned two! Ay how time flies so fast! Parang kelan lang he just turned one, now he's two na! And so very makulit!
This is a week before his birthday. He loves dogs! Sometimes ako na ang takot baka siya ang kagatin!

I'm thankful and grateful everyday that I'm her mom. He gives us so much joy. He's our chillax baby turned tornado hehehe! He's my sweetest boy and I hope we'll be able to raise him well. To be a good man, a good shoti, protect achi all the time, a gentleman, and to be best he could ever be.
This is R during his first birthday party!

For his second birthday, we chose to spend it very simple. A simple surprise in the morning which I ony thought of around midnight hehe, blowing of his birthday cake, and a day out with close friends.

I bought letter balloons in Divisoria, which costs Php20-25 per letter depending on which store you buy. Ang advice ko, get 2-3 extra per letter you need kasi ang bilis pumutok! So the letter balloons didn't make it to the next morning because I inflated them the night before.
That R got torn after an hour. Huhu! Too much hangin?

So I had to think of another surprise! Good thing I kept a pack of balloons from Y's birthday last year. (Must buy another pack for emergencies, haha!) and I looked for ideas in Pinterest!
Take note of the time 1:10AM na! Hehe!

This gave me an idea. This won't really work kasi hindi niya abot ang door knob. So I blew up all the balloons and made balloon drops. I woke up early the next day because I was so sleepy na from blowing up the balloons haha!
Tied the balloons to baker's twine and stuck washi tape at the end.
R was sleepy pa when I opened the door haha! But he immediately pulled the green balloon! His favorite color!
Achi helped me with the balloons but she enjoyed more playing with the balloons!

And after all the balloon action, they had thri breakfast, took a bath and when they're all mabango na! We sang Happy Birthday to R! He had been practicing his blowing of candle for a week na! Hahaha!
Happy Birthday My Love!

We were supposed to go to Fun Farm but it rained so we stayed in Manila and had a play date in Kidzville  with Calie, Cassie and Cullen then we had Bono Gelato after!
 He loved the kitchen and grocery play area!
I felt like I went to the gym after all the running around!
Oh fun swimming in plastic balls! I didn't have photos na with the slide. But he enjoyed going the slide! Hehe! 
Bagsak on the way home! Hahaha!

R had the time of his life! He didn;t want to leave but it was time for us to leave na. I promise to take them to Active Fun naman next time. Good luck to me! Hehehe!

Happy happy birthday, Raizo! Papa, Mommy and Achi loves you so much!


  1. Hi, san po sa divisoria kayo nakabili ng letter balloons, ive been looking everywhere pero di ko alam san sya banda. thank u!