A&D Eats: Toby's Estate, Century City Mall

Two years ago, it was milk tea craze. Last year, it was ramen. This year, it's coffee! I prefer coffee over tea. It is my morning fuel. The BOS also prefers coffee and he had been wanting to try all these coffee places but he wasn't able to try Toby's yet. Booo! He was work kasi. :(

A lot of coffee shops are opening offering artisanal and specialty coffee and one of them is Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters.
Toby's Estate originated in Sydney, Australia pala. It currently has two shops here in Manila. One in Century City Mall where we went and another in Salcedo Village where it also serves food!
Toby's Estate in Century City Mall. It looks like we're in a subway station somewhere in New York. Chozzz!

It was supposed to be dinner first before having coffee at Toby's Estate as we originally planned. But it was early for ramen so Y's Ninang G and had coffee first then we were later joined by Auntie S. I was meeting my college friends for our much needed chikahan.
G'Day Mate!
Baked By Anita's Bocaditos are available at Toby's Estate!
You can also have Bucy's here!
I ordered a Latte, Ninang G had Cappuccino, and I ordered a Babyccino for the kiddos which was just milk topped with chocolate powder! Hihi!
One of the best lattes I've ever tasted!
I had my latte with an Original Bucky's. OMG! That brownie looking cake fudge was so good!
Ninang G's Cappuccino and Truffle Mushroom Bocadito!
I told Y she was having coffee too. Feel na feel ng bagets. Hehe!
Diba? Now, to find an espresso cup for both of them...

The verdict? Ninang G and I agreed that the coffee is stronger than what you have in the neighborhood caffee shop. If you like coffee like me, you'll appreciate the taste. The Babyccino was okay, it's something you order so you child will get the "feel" of having coffee. Hehe! We want to go back with the hubby to the one in Salcedo Village so we can also try the food!

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