Be Back To School Ready With Hawk Bags

It's back to school already! I know some schools have opened already last week, some opened yesterday, as for us, we have two weeks to go pa! I always have fond memories about going-back-to-school shopping! I love wrapping new books with plastic covers. It's therapeutic. I know some of you agree with that! I love when it's time to buy a new school bag, shoes, pencil case, and more. 

I remember I was always excited to shop for school bags only because I shop for two bags, one for English subjects and one for Chinese subjects. And in a few years, Y will be the one who'll get to choose what bag she likes for school.  But before I let her buy what she wants, as a mom, I have to make sure that the bag she chooses is safe.
What do I mean by safe? Safe from harmful chemicals such as lead which could affect a child's learning processes. Under the US Consumer Act, only bags with 90 ppm (parts per million) of lead content are considered safe for use. Anything that over 90 ppm is already harmful.
Hawk Bags stood out and passed the US standards for consumer products. The bags' main material possessed almost undetectable traces of lead as they were only 5 ppm to 42ppm only. This only proves that Hawk Bags are of great quality ! We parents are sure that our kids are safe!
Hawk Bags sent us bags last week and Y was very excited but since we can't use it for her school, we will surely use the bags as alternates for our diaper bags. :) The purple bag is perfect for my "school" bag!
Thank you so much Hawk Bags for our bags!

My husband was just telling me that his bags when was in elementary were Hawk Bags. Yes, it's been here for so long so you know that Hawk is a trusted and quality brand!

For more information and other bag styles, you may check their social media accounts:
Facebook: Hawk Bags and Hawk Bags Online Shop
Instagram: @hawkbag and @hawkinstastore
Twitter: @HawkBag

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