Y's McDonald's Kiddie Crew Experience

Y is going to pre-school this June and all summer I was contemplating whether to enroll her in different summer classes and activities to expose her to other kids and "teachers". But whenever I asked her if she wants to join this and that, she would say yes then no. Hot and cold siya  and I also didn't want to force her. She's 3.9 years old pa lang naman.

But one time when we ordered McDonald's Drive Thru, she saw the kids and she said na gusto din niya.  I really really wanted to have her joined Kiddie Crew so I let her jjoin Week 7. Buti na lang the branch near our house accepts kids below the age limit!

She was pretty excited about it. She kept telling everybody she was going to "work" in McDonalds. Hehe!
I got teary-eyed on her first day! Pano pa kaya pag school na talaga?

Y is such a shy kid especially to kids she doesn't know and to men. So when it was time for taking a tour around the kitchen, 5 minutes into it, ayaw na niya. She would sometimes cry, so stress.
Ayaw daw niya kasi madilim!

But she enjoyed the other activities such as the painting of the apron, cheeseburger making, and the drawing part.
Yay, good job, Y!

And when you had your kids joined the Kiddie Crew, you probably knew they had to memorize a song and a dance. Y was shy the first day. She was just standing there looking and observing other people hehe! But on the second day, ayun na, she was able to follow the actions to the song. And she couldn't stop singing na until now! LSS!
May progress and improvement! :) Proud of this girl!

On the fourth day, it was counter and drive thru day. Siyempre ako excited but I was thinking baka ayaw nanaman ni Y. And true enough, she cried :( I told the girl behind the counter if I can order and Y would be the one to give me my order. But yun nga she cried. But when she saw the other kids  making pindot the vendo, gusto nanaman niya so she was able to do that.
That was our last day. When I was waking her up that Friday, she said she doesn't want to go to McDonalds daw. Patay! Baka ganito din kami sa school! I forced her but ayaw ta;aga niya so I didn't make pilit na. :) Sana next year he'll be less shy na! And hopefully we'll get to attend the graduation! Hihi!

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