Raising A Boy

R is turning 20 months in a week. Oh how time flies. He never fails to amaze me everyday. I remember Rone said when I announced I was having a boy in FB that I'll love it. I do! 

But as any parent would, I sometimes worry and ask myself if I am raising him well. It's more natural for me when taking care of Y, maybe because we're both girls. With R, it's a whole new challenge for me. Two weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and found him atop our shelf with all of BOS's camera all over the floor. I on't know if he put it down one by one or binagsak niya lahat. And up to this day, hindi ko pa din alam! I asked BOS if he's mad or he's amused. He answered the latter and I also find myself amused and amazed. Is it because they're boys?

He likes to climb up and down tables and chairs. He would push a chair to the door and tries opening the door using the door knob. He'll stand on a chair and dance.  or he'll try to fit into a small mega box that is a size of a shoes box. Grabe sa kulit!

When he turned one, I was worried he wasn't talking yet like his cousin. He's turning two in June. He's not talking yet but he's very noisy and shouts when he wants something. I wonder how he'll be when he starts talking and get more active. 

Dressing him up is also a challenge. It's easier to dress up girls. But I still love shopping for him! Idaan sa shoes, bow ties and haircut! Hehe!

He was a very serious baby, minded his own business and doesn't like to play with other kids. We attended a  a toddler class for 6 months. While I enjoyed it and probably lost a few pounds with all the dancing, he enjoyed it a few times.

With all those, R is a easy baby (except when he's makulit). Mabilis pakainin and all. We're still breastfeeding at 20 months and that's a great milestone for us. Happy!

I know there's so much more challenges as the kids get older. So much more things to worry about. But today I choose to think of the little things about R.

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