Paper Chic Studio Birthday Giveaway!

My third baby, Paper Chic Studio turned one last December! Wuhooo! While I wanted to throw a party and a giveaway last December, we were just too busy with all the back-to-back bazaars we had so we celebrated it first with a Buy 1 Take 1 sale last January then last week with a giveaway!

It was one of our biggest sale to date! Maybe we should do a re-run!

And for our birthday giveaway, this has to be one of the biggest giveaway I threw. We're giving away so many prizes and we've got over 25 sponsors from different FB and IG online stores! I'm really happy and grateful will all the sponsors we are getting! You can still join! Giveaway ends on Friday (February 7)

Click the link below for our Facebook Giveaway! Please read the mechanics carefully!

For our Instagram giveaway, just look for the original post of this photo below, read the mechanics and join the fun!

Thank you for all the support!


Donya Paper Chic

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