North Adventure 2013: Wright Park, BCC and Bencab Day!

Second day in Baguio! Planned this day ot be a day of fun and a little bit of culture!

Woke up to a great weather, no rain and just the perfect Baguio breeze! I love waking up in such cool weather, really makes you feel you're in a vacation!
It's also hard to wake up in the morning with this kind of weather. And when I'm on vacation, even if it's meant for us to rest and enjoy, I also like to make the most of our time! Kaya lahat ng pwede and kayang gawin, eh go lang ng go! And since I also like to enjoy our stay in our hotel, I took the advantage to order room service for our breakfast and ordred BOS's favorite meal: American Breakfast, some breakfast cereal for Y and me.
After having breakfast and getting ready, we went to our first agenda of the day which was horseback riding at Wright Park.
Photo first before heading out

I have to thank Google Maps for helping us navigate around Baguio. Though we got lost once or twice, Google Maps came to the rescue hehe! Nahanap naman namin ang Wright Park!
When I asked Y which horse she want to ride, of course she asked for the pink one! We are not surprised at all!
The birthday girl who loves pink!
Photo op with R. 
This was also my first time to ride a horse in Baguio. A first for both me and Y. Nothing is more special than sharing an experience with your kids!
The route was around Wright Park only.

After our horseback riding adventure, we went to Baguio Country Club for more fun and play for the kids. I have to thank my sister's in-laws for giving us a day pass! I was a happy kid! Ako talaga? Haha!
Since we just had breakfast, we decided to go around the country club first. Our first stop was the kiddie playground.
Y was one happy kid!
R was still a bit wobbly when walking. Had to hold his hand pa.

Next stop was the bowling alley. It wasn't my first time but was hubby's and Y's. R wanted to join as well but the bowling ball is heavier than him haha! We had the play room all to ourselves!
We were hungry after bowling so we had lunch buffet at the veranda and went to the bake shop to reserve raisin breads and banana breads to be picked up on our last day in Baguio!

Yes, hindi pa din tapus ang araw nain. I told you I want to make sulit our trip! Haha! Our next and last stop was Bencab Museum! Hubby is the art lover. Me? I appreciate art. There are times I get bored but I was certainly not bored here. 

What I didn't expect was the long drive from the city proper to Bencab Museum. Medyo malayo pala iya!
At one point, I thought nawala na kami hahaha!
Pero nakarating naman kami.
Took a photo at this wall with graffiti outside Bencab

Entrance fee is Php100 (I think) for adults and none for kids. Sorry incomplete information! When travelling kids, sometimes I forget to take down notes. You can opt to have a museum guide, we didn't but one of the guys there was nice enough to explain some of art to us. He even took our photos. Hehe!
Bencab's most famous piece, Sabel who he named Cafe Sabel after

After looking around the museum, we went down to the pond (is that whatcha call it?) because the kids saw the duck!
Spot the duck!
Yukie wanted to stay with the duck but ang daming lamok! 

We decided to have merienda at Cafe Sabel. More like me lang pala. We were still full from lunch but bilang gusto ko matry lahat! Spell TAKAW! Cafe Sabel is such a charming place. Sarap tumambay!
Y wanted Strawberry so I ordered this but she took a sip lang. Sarap naman!
We had these and coffee
Shoti was happy with this bottle of water. Hehe

I only took photos of the place after eating. And I must say, I took pretty nice photos. heehee!
This is where you order. They serve All-Day Breakfast, hot and cold drinks, pastas and more!

Cafe Sabel closes early, same time as the museum (6PM). We stayed until closing because BOS wanted to have a photo taken with BenCab (Benedicto Reyes Cabrera) himself. I guess we were lucky that day.
Paparazzi lang ang peg! That's him in the black shirt and cap.

After having our photo taken and shook his hands, we went to SM Baguio to buy the kids and yaya dinner at McDonalds. And bought Y her birthday gift, a Lalaloopsy doll. We were all tired that night but I got hungry and I don't want to order room service. So after putting the kids to sleep, we went out but turns out all places closed by 9PM or 9:30PM! We ended up in Mario's. We had coffee and oysters. Weird I know but it's the only thing in the menu that I liked. Hehe!

That's our second day of our North Adventure! More on the next posts!

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  1. Awww... I remembered I was worried with my baby boy, my only boy that he's not yet talking at almost two. Ngayon, when he doesn't want something, he always says it's dangerous. Kulit nga ng boys! My boy likes to dagan me and my husband. To jump onto our backs tapos tutuhurin kami. Ang sakit! But I guess being active is normal for him. I just think that it'll be a bit difficult to set limits for him.