MOVE with Meralco!

Truth: I never really paid attention to our electricity bill until I was married, living on our own and paying the bill on my own! 

And I always ask myself, why is my bill for the month higher/lower than the previous month. I asked the BOS to explain it to me so I would also understand what I'm paying for. I became conscious buyer when I need to buy a new kitchen or home appliance. And I also ask the helper and yaya to be more conscious and save energy!

I'm so happy when Meralco came out with their own mobile app called MOVE or MeralcO Virtual Engine.
Download the App now!

I love the features of MOVE app. You can can check the nearest Bayad Center in your area!

You can check the nearest Meralco office/s in your city.
You can calculate your monthly bill account buy inputting your appliances at home, wattage, no. of hours, days and weeks used. Very very helpful!
You can also check your monthly bill in the app! How cool is that! All you need is to sign up or login if you already have an account.
You can check your current and previous bill. And i you paid or not.

You can also check if there's any maintenance schedule in your area.

And last but not the least, the Bright Idea section where you can see a house with different rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.
Click on a room and it will zoom in and you'll see the different appliances. Just click on one, for example the TV, and you'll get useful tips on how to save energy! This is one great way to teach our kids on how to save also.
Cool App noh?

Other helpful tips I can share with you are:
- When buying new appliances, always check the wattage. This can affect your bill every month. You can use the Meralco app to calculate how much each appliance ost you every month.
- Front load washing machines are energy efficient than top load ones. Hmmm.. I may need to change mine.
- If your budget permits, invest in inverter technology. This can save you in the long run.
- When buying a new aircon, always check the yellow paper! It's called the Energy Guide. The higher the number, the more energy saving it is!
- Unplug all of your appliances at night before sleeping (except the refrigerator). 

I hope my few tips can help you in a way. If you have more tips to share, please do and I will addit to my tips above! 

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