Happy 1st Birthday, R!

Grabe ang bilis! I still remember last year around this time, I (thought I) was having gas pains. My scheduled CS was not for another 4 days. When I called my OB, she immediately told me to go to the hospital. Good thing I did because I was in labor and 2cm dialated already! Gaaah!

And today he turns 1! He's our little bundle of joy. I never thought I could love another child until I gave birth to R. He's very much like his papa, serious and quiet. But he smiles and starts to laugh, oh how cute he is! Not that he's not cute when he's serious ha.
I'm glad that Y is no longer jealous of R. Of course they still fight over toys. They love each other to bits. R likes to wake up his achi whenever she's asleep. Hihi.
Today also marks our first year of exclusively breastfeeding! Yay! This is both a milestone for me and R. No formula milk! Yipeee! I plan to continue breastfeed but will also transition R to fresh milk.
We had a party last Sunday for R. I hope I find the time to blog about it because I had so much fun planning!

We're spending the day at a mall. Maybe go to the toy store and treat the kids to toys and eat good food in celebration of R's birthday! Tomorrow, we'll spend it in Fun Farm!

Happy Birthday Shoti! Mwahhhhhh!


  1. Congrats Mommy! good job on your breastfeeding. I envy you too much. I hope hindi ako nawalan agad ng pag-asa. I was good in breastfeeding. I have enough supply but since I was working, parang chances to be able to maintain the supply was not possible for me. Maybe din because I was not too much driven.