Flying Forward with Feiyue!

I was always a sneaker girl. I loved sneakers. I remember my mom would always made us wear sneakers or closed shoes in the summer even in the house. She has a theory that when you always wear shoes, it will stunt the growth of the feet. Makes sense ba? 

My shoe purchases while on a trip abroad would always be sneakers over ballet flats or heels. I don't know why! I've amassed a little collection until I stopped buying after college and said hello to corporate shoes. 

When I became a mom and had to run around my toddler, I wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers but I never got to buying one. Until recently, when the #Somoms were invited by Jaycee Dee to Feiyue Philippines concept store over at Sekai Center at Ortigas Ave cor Madison St to have a sneak peek its new collection!
Feiyue (pronounced as “Fêi-yué”) literally means “Flying Forward” in Chinese. This light and flexible sneaker was first manufactured in Shanghai in the 1920s and became known with everyone from martial artists, athletes and just about anyone who could walk for its undeniable comfort.

In 2006, a group of French sneaker enthusiasts took control over the brand and gave it a new beginning. This lightweight canvas shoe underwent a series of transformations with new materials, a focus on quality and a design aesthetic that combines its vintage charm with French and International influences.

Boy did we had a hard time choosing what sneakers to get! Feiyue has collaborated with different artist for their sneakers design.
One of the many collborations - Feiyue x Agnes B. - I liked this but too bad no more my size!
I've never felt this torn with sneakers! Ang daming styles and designs! With rows and rows of sneakers staring back at me, I had a hard time choosing.
High cut Feiyues. One of my choices!
Ang dami diba? Let me show you what I tried on! 
Yeah my choices were boring but I like clean and white sneakers!

While I had a hard time choosing, Y immediately zeroed in on the pink sneakers. No thinking, no deciding, no questions! Feiyue Philippines also carries sneakers for toddlers to kids! I wanted Y to get a high cut one or at least something not in pink! But the little girl can't be fooled!

So cute diba?
Here's my little companion, waiting for her shoes!
Letting her choose what she likes
She chose this one and didn't want to take it off. Silly girl hehe!
I ended up getting the classic one. And I love it! So comfy! Wore it to the Glorietta Midnight Madness challenge! Have yet to road test this one on a trip abroad!
SoMoms Unite!
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