Easy Shopping at Taste Central

I love online shopping! Who doesn't? It's super convinient, with just a few clicks, you're done and it's shipped right at your doorstep! Saves you time and gas! But one tip or advice that I can share with you is always shop at trusted online stores.

Few weeks ago, I was able to try online shopping at Taste Central. What I liked about it is their carefully curated products on sale. You will know this because their best sellers are almost always sold out! Shopping at Taste Central was easy breezy!
And my order arrived the next day in this big box! Oh you can't imagine how excited Y was when she saw the big box!
Inside my box. Everything was well packed (individually) even though the box was really BIG.
I had a hard time choosing what I wanted bceause I wanted to shop for myself. But well as you all mothers know, we can't leave any store without buying anything for our kids. Agree? Yes?

So here's what I got:

Moroccan Argan Oil - I've been wanting to buy this for the longest time. And it really works wonders!!! (Photo from Taste Central)
Buggy and Lishy Diaper Clutch with Changin Mat - which can be also a bathroom organizer. Love this! Used it on a swimming trip!
Dwell Studio Handy Scribble Kit - which I hid from Y. (Photo from Taste Central)
Babiators for each of my bulilits!

I loved shopping every minute shopping at Taste Central. Although it took me longer to shop, because it's so hard to choose!!! Nonethelss, my shopping experience was lovely! Will definitely shop here again. I'm still eyeing a few items!
Haven't tried shopping at Taste Central? Sign up now here!


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