My Zalora Shopping Experience

It's been 2 months since I won the 'My Zalora Wishlist' contest, got my prize (4 sets of vouchers) and I've redeemed two all of them already. I drafted this post 2 weeks after ordering but I've decided to wait until I've used up all of my vouchers.

What can I say? I love shopping at Zalora! I've been checking their site everyday since I got my vouchers, looking for things I fancy and putting them in my wish list (which is still buggy at times). They have new arrivals every week which makes it hard for me to pick what I want to buy!

I've shopped online many times, from multiply sites to facebook to many other online stores but I think Zalora is the first online shopping site in the Philippines that has a good working system. IMO ha.. I haven't heard a bad comment about them yet, or I could be wrong.
Manong Zalora!
Ok, let's break it down, shall we? (Disclaimer: I'm a programmer/analyst by profession but I haven't handled anything web-based nor have I done QA on web-based systems so this is just an honest observation.)

On the technical side, it's still buggy. Here's what I noticed:
- Not everything is listed on their "Brands" list. 
- I can't view my wish list (last month). Wish list is still needs fixing.
- Shopping cart items can's be saved, it would nice not to put everything all over again in my cart everytime I login.
- Not all new arrivals are shown in the "New Arrivals" section
- It's not easy to browse the items, sometimes what is shown in page 1 is shown again in another page.
- It would be nice to have a more detailed description of the items (e.g. washing instruction, material used, etc.).
- Items to be returned sometimes takes time for them to pick up.
Onesie and cloth diaper for R! Shopping for the little one at Zalora!

What I like? It's a one-stop shop! For moms like me and for someone who almost doesn't have the time to go to malls and shop or buy what I need, an online shop like Zalora is heaven-sent! 

Here's what I like naman about Zalora:
- FREE shipping nationwide!!!
- They call to confirm your orders
- I like their COD payment option! No need for me to go to the bank. Tamad ako maglakad. Haha!
- Delivery is fast (just 1 day, my friend got his order within the day, cool diba?!). Provincial orders takes 2 days I think.
- Variety of brands
- Items can be returned within 30 days! and return slip is already included in the package
- I love the packaging! (It used to be in a box, now it comes with a paper bag seen above)

And here are some of the things I bought!
Matroyshka Measuring Spoon
Addicted to Bamboo Dappy!
Going green, going glass! Lifefactory Glass Bottle.
Cuzo Bag! My bag of the moment! Read more about the bag here.

I really had the time of life shopping for these things! So I want to thank Zalora and Nuffnang for the contest and picking me as one of the winner! It's the biggest prize I've won!!! EVER!!! I really think I was a lucky buntis. I gave birth four days after learning I won. Haha! I'll definitely buy again at Zalora!

So as a treat to you my readers! I'm giving you a Php150 voucher to use on your next purchase! Yay!!! Just enter the code below:
What are you waiting for? Shop now at Zalora!


  1. Oooh, lots of goodies! I have the same matryoshka measuring spoons (and got the cups as well). Super cute noh?

  2. Yes super cute! I didn't see the cup!

  3. OMG!!! eto na nga ba sinasabi ko!! Mapapashopping ako ng wala sa oras! nakakaloka!!

  4. Oops, I should have mentioned I bought it somewhere else. :) 

  5. I'm having a bad time about it actually. I've placed my order Aug 29 and still haven't received it as of today, Sept. 12. I've contacted them thru phone but it's pretty useless, there's no one there to actually receive your call - you just have to leave you name and number and promised that they will call you back. I've tried emailing and to no avail. I've read some portion of the website and emailed this to them along with my concern: (gray text from there website, red is mine)

    DeliveryZALORA aims to deliver within the time agreed upon at purchase. However, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame. --- I understand that, but it has been almost 2 weeks already.
    As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will be sent an email to confirm that your package is on its way. --- I haven't received any email that the package is on its way.
    To track your order, please use the tracking ID sent to you in the confirmation email. --- Order Confirmation Number is the same as the tracking ID? Is there a search bar where I can search it? Also, under "My Orders", initially for the past few weeks, my 1st order has been listed, but as I've checked on Sept. 11, it says that "You have placed no orders". It just lists the Order Number, Date (purchased), Address and the Order Amount. There was no way of indicating the STATUS (i.e. Pending, Shipped, Received, etc.)

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Did you get a phone call from them confirming your order? Order Confirmation Number is different from the tracking ID. I don't remember them providing me one, I just get the order a day after. I don't know if they have changed their order system from the last time I ordered. They didn't reply to your email either? Try tweeting them your concern. Are your items paid already? Hope Zalora resolves this immediately.

  7. I've never received any phone call from them. I just received my Order Confirmation Number in email and was instructed to have it written on the deposit slip (my payment method chosen). I did and informed the bank teller to indicate that Order Confirmation No. She did and so I waited. Before making my purchase, I read reviews first. They were all praises that's why I was so confident. But to my dismay, you can't even call their landline. I already paid for my purchase and I'm really wondering where is it now. Also, I don't see the tracking ID's purpose as there is no functionality nor even a page in your "Account" wherein you can search for you order and know it's status (as to what they are claiming in their website). As in IT professional with web-based exp during my college thesis, there are a lot of loopholes in the website. The tracking of purchase is very important to the customer, how come this is not part of their functionality? Also, ways to contact them are a dead-end. Emailing is pretty much useless. Calling is all the more useless. I tweeted a while ago and well it seems that they remove negative comments/concerns/issues encountered. I've tried searching last night about bad reviews about them and there are a lot of them. Some of them telling that they delete complains about their purchases on their FB wall. Try to read their FB and twitter, it's very biased - everything looks "fine".

  8. That is really bad... :( Emailing them worked for me. They replied naman but took them a few days. Maybe try emailing them? I'm an IT professional too, I noticed that madami talagang loopholes system nila and countless bugs too. Yes tracking is important. That's really bad if they delete the bad feedbacks, I hope they're more transparent. Zalora is a great shopping site pa naman. I hope you'll still to try contact them, sayang your hard earned money if you don't get your items.

  9. Yes of course, I will still contact them. I have a right to know about my purchase since I paid for it already. And I really hope they will give a response about it. Their website is merely a website and not a web-app, com-sci speaking. That kind of project will not pass my profs' qualifications. Very very disappointed. My group mates and I failed thesis once (during the first stage) since it really lacked a lot of functionalities. We had a good framework in mind, but there are things we didn't capture, therefore the panel decided to fail us. Their (Zalora's) website is a great example of that. Their website should be kinda like a sales, inventory and production (already covers warehouse in scope) -- the kind of thesis projects we have in DLSU. As for transparency, pleaseeee, as if we are bashing them. We are merely raising our concerns! To where else are we going to give our concerns if we, the customers, can't even reach them via phone AND email? Btw, I am so sorry for ranting here in your blog. By all means, I know that this entry of yours is for praising their efforts and how they are (on a parallel universe). But they have to be fair and realize that they are not perfect.

  10. Oh we are from the same alma mater and same course too! :) We failed our thesis on the first stage too LOL. It's ok to rant. No system is perfect. Magkakaron at magkakaroon yan ng palpak. Anyways, yes Zalora is merely just a website. I wonder how come they didn't get better developers since they invested so much in marketing. For us IT professionals, their flaws are very obvious to us. Well, I hope they improve their system. And I hope they give response to shoppers like you who didn't experience good service . :( Oh, I hope you passed your thesis with flying colors :)

  11. Yes, we did and we had a high score! Failure is part of learning and a part of life. That was 2 years ago and I can't believe I'm working that long na pala! We were the typical clueless people/kids pa talaga before na, never really developed something big as a full system and not a prototype. Small projects such as a scientific calculator (our 1st Machine Project) were the ones we are used to. When I was browsing the site kasi, it really reminded me of my lead advisor saying: "So inautomate niyo lang yung system? what is the IT problem that you solved?? Don't use technology if you are not going to solve anything or just for convenience. BE INNOVATIVE!" Grabeng impact talaga ng words na yun from Ms. Tangkeko! hahahaha! Even if zalora is just a website, they fail to have a "Feedback" corner or link. Any one who has a website should have that. tsk tsk. Yes strong marketing does not always equate to a great service/system as what they are "showing". I hope the website doesn't just compile the orders in a DB/excel, then print it out for queuing in inventory and warehouse. Or what not. #frustratedITPerson

  12. I feel your passion for IT! Haha! Ms.Tangkeko never got to be my prof. Sub lang lagi. She's the thesis adviser of my college barkada :)

  13. Haha yes dapat lang! :) if you are doing something in life, make the best out of it. If you can, be the BEST. You wouldn't want something half-baked. At first, I didn't like her as a prof but eventually I realized magaling siya na prof - and you will really learn from her. Just now, I realized that I've learned something from Systems Analysis and Design (I and II) - I know how systems should work and how you can say it's fully functional or not. I definitely have some inputs for zalora. Btw, I got an update already from them. I tried calling and used "Dial 1" then I spoke to a rep. They told me my 1st purchase was "Out of Stock", so it's either 1) Cash Refund - but they gave a disclaimer that it will take a while, like a week or so (but I didn't want to put my hopes in that) OR 2) They'll just send me (in 24hrs) the exact amount I paid in point system (1 peso = 1 point) and I can just buy something of the same amount. I chose option 2 and thought na COD na lang so that safe - I don't really have to pay anything. I've found out that COD is faster talaga, as in within the day or so. I've tried accessing their website just now (11pm) and they said that it's under maintenance and I wasn't aware (and I bet others as well). Another thing that I can think of that they can improve on is by sending email to all subscribers with zalora account (since they've asked for email addresses upon registration) that they will be shutting down the site/servers during this certain time, therefore there will be no access. I just hope that I won't be disappointed the 2nd time around. I just don't like the fact that they are shutting their ears to negative comments/reactions. How can they learn if something's wrong with the system?

    I really owe my DLSU-CCS profs a lot of thanks for the critical thinking I've develop in this field :)) Now ko lang talaga na appreciate. Zalora gave me a good insight on this as well haha! Thanks for listening :) From A(former)CCSStudentCatch2010 :)

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  15. I had to try Zalora for myself to see what's what. I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. I buy there occasionally when there's a sale. To others who are looking for more insight on Zalora's services, you can check out how my first experience with them turned out here at , by the way I'm giving out 15% off discounts :)

  16. By the way, that football cloth diaper is absolutely delightful. I bet it'd look perfect for any baby.

  17. I love shopping when COD is available. I am a person who doesn't use a credit card so it's convenient for me that these kind of online shop offers this service though I usually buy at lazada and most of the time :)