A&D's Cloth Diaper Challenge

When I was pregnant with R, I told the BOS I wanted to use cloth diaper on R and also try baby wearing (another post on that). Go lang daw! With Y, the challenge was to breastfeed and I DID! With R, cloth diapering and baby wearing will be my challenges(?).

I used cloth diapers with Y but only a few months. I only had 6 cloth diapers then and I didn't really took it seriously. But I realized I was spending so much money on disposables (even now! Potty training still not yet successful), I can buy a whole lots of cloth diapers with the money I was spending or buy myself a new pair of shoes!

This is Y in cloth diapers while she was a baby!
So this time I challenged myself to use cloth diaper full time or semi-full time. Now I have a total of 20 cloth diapers, 15 Next9s, Bamboo Dappies and 2 Bambumz, all are local brand diapers, all are one-sized cloth diapers. I find imported ones too expensive (read: barat), so I'm waiting for sales and deals before buying imported cloth diapers. And I'm buying more Bamboo Dappies!
Bamboo Dappy. Bought from Zalora
Inserts (L-R): Bamboo Dappy, Next9, Bambunz
My stash!
But before I plunged into this cloth diaper challenged, I had to read about the how-to and the kinds of cloth diapers. I also wanted to hear about real experiences from other moms. It was so timely that this year Jen Ong of Chronicles of Nursing Mom hosted a blog carnival "Real Diaper Week Carnival (read here), after reading every entry, I knew I can do it also! 

Plus I also bought a copy of Changing Diapers book. I love the book! Everything you need to know about cloth diapers is in the book!

Changing Diapers book which helped me a lot in understanding cloth diapers!
I also bought these Manila Baby Shop's wet bags in anticipation of this challenge. Haven't use them for its purpose yet, we're temporarily using it to put Y or R's extra clothes and diapers for when going out!

Here is how I'm using my wet bags as of the moment!
Also these liners so catch the poop! I didn't know they had this before when I was using cloth diapers with Y. I think the yaya before gave up on washing them because of the poop. Now, I asked the yaya to just use the washing machine. (Oh! Need to research more about what's the best detergent to use! Currently using Cycles.)
Bumkins Diaper Liners
Next9 Bamboo Liners (Photo from Mothering Earthlings)

Last Friday, I started using cloth diapering R! R is already 8 weeks. I only started him this week because the cloth diapers only fit him now at the smallest setting. So far, I'm getting the hang of it! It's easy and doable! I'm thinking "Why didn't I do it with Y?!" We're still using disposables at night and I'm still a bit scared to use cloth diapers. Still reading up and looking for a more absorbent insert. And I want to try this heavy wetter cloth diaper that I saw.
Next9 model
Bamboo Dappy, which I love!
Cloth diaper I bought at the last Expo Mom
I never thought that cloth diapering can be fun and addicting! I want more fun prints! Have yet to try cloth diapering when going out and at night! I'll blog more about my challenge and adventure with cloth diapers as we go along!


  1. welcome to the CD world! and yes the prints are addicting!! i have more CDs now that E needs. haha

  2. Hi! I have learned about this cloth diaper when my son was laready 15 months but I still tried it. Before he turned two, he was completely potty trained art daytime. So sa gabi na lang sya ng cloth diaper. I bought Kawaii GNHW. So during night, un ang gamit naman plus bamboo-mf insert combi. Here's what I can share with you: http://momayes.blogspot.com/search/label/Alva%20Cloth%20Diaper

  3. Hi po, I'm an avid fan, I am part of modern cloth nappying pinay at FB, http://www.facebook.com/groups/mcnpinays/ ...its a support group for mommys who are into CDing, and we also have a subgroup for group buys, http://www.facebook.com/groups/mcnp.gb/ , which we use in order to save, kasi we buy by the wholesale to furthur our stashes, please do visit us, we have a lot of members na willing to help along the way!

    _Natalie Miranda

  4. thanks jenny! im actually enjoying it. need more diapers pa!

  5. thank you for the link! Will read it. I want to try the Kawaii brand too.

  6. Hi Natalie! Thank you for the comment! Will join the FB group :)

  7. Hi..love love your blog! I am also Cloth Diapering my son (4mos old). Hope to see you at MCNP FB page (I'm a member too) Please check SUNBABY diapers...these are cheap diapers but super worth it!!! =) Goodluck to your CD Journey! 

  8. Hi Liz!

    Thank you! I will join the FB page! And will also check SUNBABY diapers!

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