A Sunny Saturday To All!

It's great to finally see the sun and dry streets!!! Hope the weather stays the same for the rest of the weekend!

Took my shoti to the bus station this morning and came home to these...

Yummy looking and also yummy tasting J.co Donuts straight from Jakarta, Indonesia!!!
Thanks, Mama!

No yaya, QT with the kids, monthly photo shoot of R (he's two months na!) and waiting for something to arrive today in the mail.

It's turning out to be a great Saturday! Hope you're having a great one too!


  1. I haven't tried J.Co Better than Krispy Kreme?

  2. haven't tried j.co as well. they say its good :) happy weekend!

  3. It's still Krispy Kreme for me. We got the baby donuts, not sure if it has normal donuts and plain ones. What I like is that it's still soft and fluffy kahit galing ref.

  4. It's yummy! :) A little bit on the sweet side. Happy Weekend! :)