Steps on How I Ordered My Kids' Birth Certificate and My Marriage Certificate Online

Do you keep records of your kids', husband's and your birth certificates and marriage certificate? I always make sure to have copies at home just in case for school requirements, traveling, etc. There are a lot of ways to get your PSA issued and certified copies like going to PSA (you need to set an appointment) or going to SM Bills Payment Center (I did this once and you need to go back after a week to claim it) but I'm still not comfortable going out as much. Just recently, my son asked for his baptismal certificate for a school requirement which gave me the chance to go over records which I haven't done in awhile. And I found out that I don't have PSA copies of my kids' birth certificate and my marriage certificate. Good thing, I saw a post on PSA Birth Certificate Online Application on Mommy Bloggers Philippines and it gets delivered straight to your home!

Ordering is very easy! Just follow the steps below on how to order a Birth Certificate:

Step 1: Go to and click on "Order Now"

Step 2: Choose the certificate type you would like to order

Step 3: Pick an option if you are requesting the certificate for you or someone else. If for someone else, select whose certificate you are requesting it for. 

Step 4: Fill out all of these information

On Page 7, it will ask you the purpose of your request. I just put "for future use". 

After doing all these steps, you will immediately receive an email about your order and it's ready for payment. PSAHelpline has various payment options: online payment, over-the-counter, etc and you can choose the most convenient way for you! Each certificate is Php365, while CENOMAR is Php420.

They also send email for payment reminder, when it's processed, released and when your order has been dispatched. I also appreciate that they send text messages especially for people who are very busy and tend to forget about these things. They also send text messages when your order is being delivered that day. My order was processed on May 12 and out for delivery on May 14.

This is IMPORTANT. Make sure that you're home when your order is being delivered because they do not allow authorization letters or allow another person to receive it for you. Make sure to have a valid ID ready as well. My first delivery was actually a FAILED DELIVERY because I was asleep and my phone was on silent mode. They sent a text that it will be delivered that day (Saturday) but since I wasn't able to answer my phone, it was a failed delivery. I also received an email that it was a failed delivery and it included instructions on how to schedule the next delivery. Since it was the weekend, I wasn't able call to reschedule. 

Good thing, they redelivered on Monday morning! I was awake and ready! Haha! I gave my Driver's License in which the delivery guy copied my license number on his gadget after scanning the QR codes on the packets. Whew! 

Each certificate came in their individual plastic packets. An official receipt was also attached to each of the certificates. 

I also ordered my Marriage Certificate which has almost the same steps except for other information you need to input like your husband's name and date of marriage. They all arrived the same day btw.

PSA Birth Certificate Online Application has made ordering certificates very easy! It's convenient, no need for us to go out and spend for gas and parking and the amount of time and effort to spend on driving and traffic! And with the Senate approving the bill on lifetime validity of birth, death, marriage certificates, Php365 is really worth it! 

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines for letting us know about this service!

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