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I used to have a ton of gaming apps on my phone. They kept me company during my sleepless breastfeeding nights and there was no Netflix back then! But with the tons of baby photos and videos, I had to delete the apps because whose phone doesn't have thousands of photos and occupying most of our phone's storage?! Am I right? Haha!

I recently discovered! It's website that offers over 400 online games and they're adding more games everyday! I had a hard time choosing what game to try first!

I've always been a fan of word searches and games and that's what I looked for first! Word searches have always been my favorite! It tests my vocabulary and I get to learn and discover words too!

This one is a fun one if you like Math! Hehe! You solve the equation and find the right spelling on the puzzle! It's a 2-in-1 game! I just discovered this tonight while I was looking for more word games to play! I will certainly make my kids play this game! Haha!

And speaking of kids, there are so many games for them too! Since it's still vacation, I only let them play educational games on weekdays. One of them is this spelling game that's similar to Plants vs Zombie! This is fun one, even I like to play this game!

Letting my kids answer Sudoku puzzles too everyday! Sometimes I look for worksheets to print but most of the time I let them answer here on There's different levels to choose from and they're always super proud when they get to finish a puzzle!

There's also old school game like Falling Cubes Online Tetris Game which is just like Tetris! I remember my mom loved this game. 

There's so much games to play on the website! When I need a break from all the typing on my computer or watching Netflix or Youtube, I just go to this website and play my favorite games. No need to download on my laptop, no additional space occupied on my hard drive! Some games may took time to load but it's not really an issue! There's no ads too (don't you hate it when an ad appears in the middle of the game???) and it's totally free!

Check out Plays.Org today! Let me know what's your favorite game!

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