Getting Reaquainted With Perla Laundry Soap

When my kids were babies, I used Perla to wash their clothes until they were about 6 months old. I don't where I learned about it, I think I read it in a forum. The moms in forum were recommending Perla and to grate it to make into flakes. They said it's a very mild detergent soap and it is! My kids never had rashes. Ever since then I also recommend Perla to my mom-to-be friends!

Last month, I was invited to a very intimate lunch with fellow moms for the re-introduction of Perla. Did you know that Perla has been around since 1952? That's 65 years! Perla is built on decades of care and trust. Honestly, I only know Perla because it was recommended to me but I really don't know anything (aside that it's mild) about the brand. During that lunch, I learned so much about Perla and I felt so much pride for the brand after. It's really one of those brands that cares for its consumers. If you're not convinced yet, then let me show you why Perla is one of the best (if not best) laundry soap out there.

Perla is 100% Pinoy.
Perla was bought by P&G many years ago but it was bought back by a Filipino company three years ago. Back to where it really belongs!

Perla is made from PURE COCONUT OIL.
See the sign on the lower left? It's coconut!
Perla is 50% Coconut Oil. I was really surprised by this fact. No wonder Perla is a mild laundry soap. The other 50% are natural ingredients that are great in cleaning your clothes too. If you use detergent or other laundry soap, when you leave the soap to dry, you would notice it would flake and disintegrate into chalk like substance. That's because it's really chalk! That's why they're cheap!

Perla has NO harmful ingredients and is hypoallergenic. 
Hence, Perla cares for your skin too! I did our laundry for two years when we had no helper. I've tried and tested many brands of detergent and they all made my hands got dry and sometimes they feel raw. I was really curious if I would have the same reaction with Perla. So when I got home, I used the Perla from the table setting from the lunch and tested it out. My hands didn't feel dry at all! I even tried it using on my body.

Perla gently whitens white and prevents color fading.
Perla is a natural fabric softener and makes your clothes last longer.
Yes, Toni Gonzaga is the newest endorser of Perla!
Because Perla has a higher PH, it causes mercerization. Mercerization is a process that strengthens clothing (particularly cotton) and gives them more luster. I've noticed this with the detergents I've used and with my clothes. Parang nadurog na ibang clothes ko. I really feel sad and frustrated especially when it is an expensive piece of clothing or if it is your favorite dress then it came back not recognizable from the laundry. This bit of information about Perla gives Perla a plus too! Perla cares for our clothing too.

Last and certainly not the least, Perla supports our local Coconut Oil industry by supporting Filipino farmers!

Thank you also to Zenutrients for this everything coconut products!
Convinced na kayo? Heehee! If you haven't tried Perla, I suggest you try it out asap! It's only around Php12 per bar and 1 bar can wash 5 kilos of clothes, that's about 1 load. No need for fabric softener too. Php12 for premium care, that's SUPER SULIT at pak na pak sa budget natin!

And with that, I'm sharing you Perla's TVC featuring Toni Gonzaga! This TVC will give you a LSS! Enjoy!
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  1. Gumagamit ka ba ng pampaputi? Tanong ng pinsanko diko sinagot pero Sa loob ko perla ang ginagamitko nahiya lang akong magsabi kasi cheap but effective soup siya