My 7th Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day this coming Sunday... my eldest Y has been asking her papa when Mother's Day is. She has been very curious about dates, events and what day it is since learning it in school. Seeing how she has grown up so much and turning 7 this year, it always gets me emotional. I still cannot believe I am a MOM!

Eversince becoming a mom, I think I've experience all kinds of emotions. Anger, sadness, happiness... it's really a rollercoaster of emotions. There are days when I feel guilty for being not there for them even when I work at home. Then I saw this #KalidadNaAlaga video by Fern-C on Facebook and it really tug a heart string. 

The first time I felt guilt was when R was still a baby, he was 6 months old and starting to eat solids. I wasn't able to pay attention or prepare food for him because I was always tired from work. Not being physically there to feed him pains me even more and that was when I decided to quit my day job and become a full time mom.
It's not the easiest job but it's a very rewarding one. Y is turning 7 in September. She has matured and grown into a little lady. I am still in denial that my baby girl is no longer a baby. I get surprised at how she knows me so well, my expressions, my quips and sometimes I just stop and stare at her. I love how she tells me she loves my cooking even though I'm not a good cook at all. I appreciate that she appreciates my effort.

There's nothing I want more but to give the best to my kids. I want to be the Ideal Mom my kids deserve because really I owe it to them. I am what I am because of my kids and they are what they are because of me and their papa. And I wouldn't be the mom that I am today if not for my mom who I look up to and my Ideal Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there!

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