A&D Travels: Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bagac Bataan (Part 2)

Here's the Part 2 of our trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, you can read Part 1 here, it's all about our room, the Heritage Tour and our first dinner and breakfast!

After having our lunch, we went back to our room to rest for a bit but we went out again because we wanted to join the Workshop Tour naman. While waiting for the tour to start, we spent our time at Cafe Lubao again.
My sungka-mate!

One of the many amazing things about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is how they work to restore and build heritage, revive the traditional Filipino craftsmanship. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a big architectural project and they are still working on building and restoring more infrastructure (photos below!).
The workshops are also located in the property, there's a lot of walking involved in Las Casas (you can also rent a golf cart or a bike to go around).

The workshops include stone carvers, wood carvers, terracotta sculptors, brick makers, painters, welders. BOS really wanted to join this tour because well, he's a creative soul. He was so happy to see the wood carvers!
They also make their own wallpaper. How awesome is that?
They make their own cement tiles too! And they gave a demo on how they make one.
I am in awe of how they do all of their own tiles, wallpapers, carvings, etc., it makes you more appreciative of everything you see at Las Casas.
They also make their own bricks too! Is there anything they don't make? The Workshop Tour is a worth joining. It may be a little hot, so bring towels, extra shirts and if you have those portable personal fan, bring them too!

After the tour, we stopped by the Panaderia to buy ice cream to cool off. It was so hot naman kasi! We wanted to eat street food at their street food stall but it was all sold out.
It's nice to walk around, take the scenic route. Hihi!
Feeling ko nasa Europe lang! Well, I've never been there but this is what I imagined how Europe looks like :)

The kids have been bugging us to go for a swim ever since we got here but the first day, there was too many people swimming so on the second day, after the workshop tour, we want back to our room and had a change so they can swim at their batis-inspired pool!
This was taken after lunch. Ganda noh? It's not deep so it's perfect for the kids!
Golden hour. We stayed until it was sunset and as always kids didn't want to go back to the room yet.

For dinner, we went back to Cafe Marivent again because La Bella Teodora is closed on a Monday. We ordered lutong bahay ulam (ang again, please expect the pay to be "hotel-priced" meals for okay/so-so food).
I really wish I can say I love the food at Las Casas. I do really hope they improve it because there's no really other place to eat except inside Las Casas. :)

We went back to our room, watched a little TV before we all went to sleep. Y and I woke up earlier than the boys the next morning wanted to go the beach. I was happy to go with her but I didn't let her swim na because I can't swim (you know that time of the month!), she was just happy to play in the sand and sit by the shore.
The water is calm. This girl loves the sea! She has been bugging us to take her to beach on our next vacation.

After two days at Las Casas, it was time to say goodbye and go home. But before leaving, we walked around again to take photos. Maganda mag #OOTD dito, mag family shoot, prenup, wedding. It's that kind of place where you don't feel like you're in Philippines or in this century :)
Feel na feel ko lang diba? :) Heehee!
New things to expect from Las Casas! :) Still under construction!

It was a still fun vacation for all of us! BOS wants to come back, in maybe two to three years and he's hoping the food is better na! Haha! I think it is worth going to and checking it out! After we left, we made a side trip to the Pawikan Conservation Center before heading home. You can read all about it here!

Fore more information, please check www.lascasasfilipinas.com!
Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan, 2107, Philippines 
Phone Numbers: +63 2 332 5338, +63 2 332 5286, +63 2 877 4501, +63 2 877 4502, +63 917 872 9361

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